Chromebook VPN: Best VPN for Chromebook [2022 March]

As more people adopt the use of Chromebooks and other mobile devices, a VPN that can be used on these devices is beginning to gain popularity. With this rise in demand, manufacturers are working harder than ever to produce affordable products that allow users to protect their privacy while using their device.

The “best vpn for chromebook free” is a VPN that allows users to access geo-restricted content from anywhere. It also has a built-in ad blocker and offers fast speeds.

Chromebook VPN: Best VPN for Chromebook [2022 March]

Chromebook is a fast increasing popularity operating system and gadget. As a consequence, a slew of VPN service providers have been vying to become the platform’s go-to supplier. 

Unfortunately, just a handful of them have what it takes. With that in mind, today we’ll look at the most competent VPN options for Chromebooks and recommend which ones you should buy. We’ll also talk about anything else that’s relevant to the issue.

If you’re in a hurry, NordVPN is our top Chromebook VPN recommendation.

How to Connect to a VPN on a Chromebook


The first step is to get a Chromebook VPN. We recommend NordVPN, Surfshark, ExpressVPN, CyberGhost, or Private Internet Access out of hundreds of possibilities. Each VPN service provider is an exceptional performer who will not fail to wow you.

All VPN providers are managed by programs that must be downloaded and installed. Don’t be concerned; setting up a VPN is now simpler than ever. In reality, for most devices, the whole procedure is completely automated from the time you hit the download button.

After you’ve downloaded and installed your VPN program, launch it and connect to a server. If you’re unsure which server to use, it’s better to follow your VPN’s advice. After that, you’ll be assigned to the closest major server. That server will almost certainly be fast and capable of unblocking geo-restricted material.

  • Then begin browsing on your Chromebook.

You may now launch Chromebook and begin surfing after completing all of the preceding procedures. Make sure you’re connected to your VPN when you’re out and about. Why is that? You face the danger of being a victim of a variety of cybercrimes and unwanted internet monitoring if you unplug.

In 2022, what are the best VPNs for Chromebooks?

NordVPN (Northern Virtual Private Network)

logo nordvpn

Many people have questioned NordVPN’s capacity to keep its members safe after it was hacked once. Data needed to set up a phony VPN server was taken during the tragic occurrence. Fortunately, the criminal was unable to get any personal information from users. Furthermore, he was captured by officials practically quickly.

NordVPN has introduced a unique VPN protocol dubbed NordLynx, which is based on WireGuard, in order to recover public confidence. In addition, the provider built a very effective worldwide bug bounty program. Finally, it just stated that by the end of the year, it would have completed the upgrade of its network to one that is entirely RAM-disk enabled.

NordVPN combines military-grade AES 256-bit encryption with SHA-256 hash authentication and a 4096-bit RSA key exchange, which is comparable to other high-end VPNs. Apart from NordLynx, the service provider supports a broad number of protocols. As a consequence, you’ll be able to fine-tune your VPN experience while using it.

Performance: Given its position at the top of our list, it should come as no surprise that NordVPN is a good VPN service provider. It is often regarded as the quickest choice presently available, according to several experts. They also claim that it is the best for downloading torrent files.

When I used to test NordVPN, it did not leak. More significantly, while I was surfing while connected to one of its servers, there was never any noticeable slowness. It also never gave me any problems during any of my competitive e-sport bouts. As a result, I have no reservations in recommending it to both casual and professional players.

Features: The extensions and applications of NordVPN come with an ad & malware blocker, kill switch, and split tunneling. Aside from that, they also have double VPN and Onion Over VPN, which is a feature that makes browsing Tor together with NordVPN a lot safer.

Rates: NordVPN is a good option for those on a tight budget. The most basic one-month membership package is just $8.87. This is particularly amazing when you realize that several of NordVPN’s biggest rivals on the market have substantially higher prices right now.

Surfshark 2

logo surfshark

Security: Surfshark’s security is superb. One of the main reasons for this is that the provider has the world’s biggest 100% RAM-based VPN network. It has more than 3200 servers in about 65 countries and territories throughout the world.

The huge network of Surfshark VPN makes it more capable of keeping your privacy. It also allows the supplier to add additional customers without being overburdened. How? VPNs with bigger networks, on the other hand, are less likely to get overwhelmed and so hacked.

AES-256 encryption is used by Surfshark, as anticipated. What’s more, it supports a broad range of protocols. WireGuard, the world’s fastest, most secure, most sought-after protocol, has just been added to the VPN service provider’s list of supported protocols.

Performance: Surfshark is a fantastic performer that will not let you down. You’ll be able to perform whatever you’d like with a virtual private network service if you use it.

Surfshark’s servers are not just RAM-based, but they are also P2P enabled and very fast. I couldn’t help but be pleased when I used them since they made no discernible change in my basic connection speeds. They also improved my internet quicker in certain cases by removing the bandwidth restrictions that my ISP had covertly applied.

Last but not least, you should realize that Geoblocks are no match for Surfshark. It also gets over China’s Great Firewall, which is astounding given that it’s the most difficult barrier a VPN can encounter. As a result, it’s reasonable to assume that if a provider can get past it, it can get around any other online limitation.

Features: Downloading, installing, navigating, and configuring any Surfshark software is a breeze. These programs include a virus blocker and a kill switch, as you would expect. They also give you access to two premium add-on features that may be unlocked. The first is an alarm system, while the second is a secure search engine that is proprietary.

Finally, one feature of Surfshark worth highlighting is that it allows for infinite simultaneous device connections. As a result, you’ll be able to protect your whole family and circle of friends from the various hazards hiding on the internet with only one user account.

The cost of a monthly Surfshark membership plan is $12.95. While this may seem to be a little pricy, keep in mind that the company provides excellent value for money.

ExpressVPN is the third option.

logo expressvpn

In many respects, ExpressVPN is a pioneering VPN service. For starters, it’s the first major VPN provider to have a server network entirely based on RAM disks. It’s also one of the first companies to have its security assessments performed independently.

The various apps of ExpressVPN let you pair AES-256 encryption with OpenVPN (UDP & TCP), IPSec (L2TP & IKEv2), and Lightway. For those wondering, Lightway is ExpressVPN’s answer to WireGuard. It’s an alternative that is based on Wolf SSL. Online experts say that it is just as fast and secure as WireGuard or any other top-tier VPN protocol out there.

Performance: ExpressVPN is, in my opinion, the most dependable VPN available. The reason for this is because it consistently works around geo-restrictions. You may use it to accomplish anything from browse the web in China to access streaming libraries that are otherwise inaccessible.

ExpressVPN’s servers are equivalent to those of Surfshark and NordVPN when it comes to speed. When viewing the web while connected to the provider’s network, I never had to struggle with very slow loading times, quality dips, ghosting, or buffering. As a result, I can confidently recommend ExpressVPN to anyone who requires the fastest possible connection.

Torrenting is also a strength of ExpressVPN. Its whole network is peer-to-peer (P2P) capable and leak-free. Vuge, Deluge, uTorrent, and any other popular torrent client are also supported by the service. As a result, it’s ideal for facilitating secure and anonymous torrent downloading sessions.

ExpressVPN, however, does not have a lot to offer in terms of functionality. While its programs have a kill switch, they don’t have a virus blocker built in. As a result, individuals who need one will have to utilize a different piece of software, which may be a real pain.

ExpressVPN also does not provide any unique features to its customers. That’s because, according to the service’s creators, they chose to concentrate on the essential components that currently make ExpressVPN such a great virtual private network service provider.

Rates: ExpressVPN’s one-month membership plan costs $12.95, which is the same as Surfshark’s equivalent option. Express VPN, on the other hand, falls short of its major competition in terms of value since it only allows for a maximum of five simultaneous device connections.

CyberGhost 4

logo cyberghost

CyberGhost is, for the most part, a very secure VPN. After all, it uses military-grade AES 256-bit encryption and has a strict no-logging policy. Furthermore, the company boasts a spotless security reputation and the world’s biggest VPN network. 

That network consists of about 7500 server sites all around the globe. As a result, you can be certain that you will never run out of connection alternatives while utilizing it. To be honest, I think this is fantastic since just a handful VPN providers have more than 1000 servers.

The VPN’s restricted protocol support is one factor that limits CyberGhost’s privacy and security capabilities. The protocols it supports differ from one operating system to the next. As a consequence, Mac users who want to utilize WireGuard will be disappointed since it is only accessible for Linux.

CyberGhost is a high-performing program in every category. For starters, it’s quick, competing with the likes of NordVPN, ExpressVPN, and Surfshark in certain cases. Having said that, I did notice a decrease in my connection speeds when running CyberGhost. These dips, however, were not large enough to affect my gameplay, surfing, or downloading.

CyberGhost is compatible with Deluge, uTorrent, BitTorrent, Vuze, and all other popular torrent clients, so it doesn’t matter which one you use. Apart from that, several of the provider’s servers are P2P compatible, making them ideal for torrenting.

Now, if streaming is your thing, CyberGhost will not let you down. This is due to the fact that it has a specific set of streaming servers that you may use to unblock any geo-restricted website or online service. Unfortunately, the VPN company is unable to circumvent China’s Great Firewall or any other national internet restriction measures.

Features: CyberGhost comes with every bell and whistle you’d want your VPN to have. Its apps are preloaded with a kill switch along with a very effective ad & malware blocker. On top of that, they’ve also got exclusive offerings such as data compression as well as a secret photo vault.

Charges: CyberGhost’s rates were on the lower end of the range until recently. Things have changed since then. The VPN service provider is now competitively priced with high-profile competitors such as ExpressVPN and Surfshark. A 12-month membership costs $12.99 now.

5. Internet Access with Confidentiality (PIA)

logo pia vpn

Many people believe that using Private Internet Access (PIA) is dangerous. Because it is located in the United States, a founding member of the Five Eyes Alliance, this is the case. As a consequence, the provider must adhere to copyright and privacy rules that limit its capacity to protect its consumers.

I respectfully disagree, since PIA has shown its reliability on multiple times. It denied authorities access to private user information during these occurrences. For those who are curious, the data was sought as part of a criminal investigation being conducted by US authorities. They wanted proof that they believed was on PIA’s servers.

Private Internet Access uses AES-256 encryption, which is standard for a high-ranking VPN. It also supports all of the most popular protocols, including WireGuard. PIA’s engineers have managed to incorporate WireGuard functionality despite being smaller than many of its competitors.

Performance: Private Internet Access performs well. Needless to say, it isn’t perfect, so first-time users should keep that in mind. They won’t be able to get around any streaming service library, after all. Furthermore, they will not be able to freely access the internet in China since PIA is unable to circumvent the Great Firewall.

PIA outperforms expectations in the torrenting sector. It is fully leak-free, according to my testing. Of course, this isn’t surprising given that all Private Internet Access VPN servers are fully P2P enabled, which means they’re well-suited to torrenting.

Features: Private Internet Access’ various apps and browser extensions have a kill switch that’s activated by default. More interestingly, they’ve also got PIA MACE, which is arguably the best built-in virtual private network ad & malware blocker.

Rates: If money is an issue, Private Internet Access is the way to go. The reason for this is because the supplier is one of the most cost-effective in the globe. You may obtain a one-month membership plan for for $9.95 that can be canceled and returned within 30 days.

How Did We Choose These VPNs?

It wasn’t simple putting up a list of the best VPNs for Chromebooks. To do so, we began by conducting in-depth research. After we figured out which providers were ideal for Chromebooks, a few of my coworkers contacted genuine Chromebook VPN customers. They also hosted polls on Facebook and Reddit to obtain a larger perspective on things.

Last but not least, we compared the costs of our top options to see which one offered the most value to its consumers. This is the most important phase, in my opinion, since price and value are the two factors that determine whether or not a VPN service is within reach.

Is Using A VPN On A Chromebook Legal?

Yes. In most places of the globe, using a VPN with a Chromebook is legal.

However, I highly suggest you to do your own research to determine whether or not VPNs are legal in your location. As a result, you can’t be certain that you’re not breaching any laws when surfing on your Chromebook computer while connected to a VPN service provider.

It’s important to note that VPN Thrive does not support any unlawful activities. If anything, the objective of this paper is purely educational. Only act on the advice given here at your own risk.

What about “no-cost” VPNs?

Free VPN services might be a blessing for those who have no money to spend on internet protection. We do not, however, advocate them for a variety of reasons. For one thing, free services lack the resources to keep you secure.

Many free VPNs maintain their “free” status by selling your data to companies like Google, which uses it to send you tailored adverts. These adverts may be highly obtrusive, making them an annoyance everytime you use your Chromebook OS computer to access the internet.

Aside from what has already been established, free VPNs are notoriously sluggish. Buffering, quality decreases, loading difficulties, and ghosting are all introduced. As a result, they’re unsuitable for gaming, streaming video, downloading torrents, or simple browsing.

Finally, one thing to keep in mind concerning free VPNs is that they are unable to circumvent geo-restrictions. As a result, you won’t be able to use them to go through China’s Great Firewall or access restricted streaming service libraries.

Summarizing Everything

Here’s a list of all the finest Chromebook VPN service providers:

VPN Why Is It Beneficial to Chromebooks? Price ranges (in USD) Link
logo nordvpn Excellent unblocking powers, a large server network that is very quick It has a lot of functions and is really safe to use. Apps and browser extensions are user-friendly. Priced reasonably 2 Years ($3.71/Month) 1 Month ($8.84/Month) 1 Year ($4.92/Month) 1 Month ($8.84/Month) 1 Month ($8.84/Month) 1 Year ($4.92/Month) 1 Month ($8.

All subscriptions come with a 30-day money-back guarantee.
logo surfshark Access to banned websites and online services is unrestricted. Allows for an infinite number of concurrent connections. P2P and RAM-disk support are available on all servers. Exceptionally safe, Apps are simple to use. Month-to-Month ($12.95/Month) $6.49/month for 6 months $2.49/month for 2 years

All subscriptions come with a 30-day money-back guarantee.
logo expressvpn Unblocks geo-restricted websites and online services with ease, boasts amazing speed, and is very secure. It has a RAM-based, P2P-capable network. Ensures that user-friendly applications and browser extensions are available. Month-to-Month ($12.95/Month) 6-Month Subscription ($9.99/Month) 1 yr. ($8.32 p.m.)

All subscriptions come with a 30-day money-back guarantee.
logo cyberghost Excellent unblocking powers, Up to 7 device connections may be made at the same time. The majority of servers are fast and P2P capable. Apps that are simple to use include a lot of security measures. Month-to-Month ($12.99/Month) Money-back guarantee for 14 days

1 year (3.99 per month) 2 years at $3.49 per month Three years ($2.25 per month) Money-back guarantee for 45 days
logo pia vpn Unblocking powers are enough, the P2P network is fully functional, the security is excellent, the native applications are simple, and the pricing are quite reasonable. Month-to-Month ($9.95/Month) $3.33/month for a year $2.69/month for 2 years

All subscriptions come with a 30-day money-back guarantee.

The “vpn for chromebooks” is a VPN that is compatible with Chromebooks. The best thing about it is that it can be used on the web and mobile devices, which makes it a very versatile VPN.

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