How To Watch American Netflix In Europe [March 2022]

Netflix is the only service that allows people in different countries to watch content without geoblocking or regional restrictions. It’s been a long wait for Netflix US users, but what about all those who live outside of America? Enter: VPNs.

The “how to get american netflix for free” is a question that was asked in March 2022. Netflix has been available internationally since 2016, but there are still some regions with geo-blocking restrictions. How to watch American Netflix In Europe?

How To Watch American Netflix In Europe [March 2022]

It’s not difficult to get Netflix US in Europe. The library is supposedly restricted, but all you need is a VPN to access it. 

What kind of service provider should you go with? NordVPN, Surfshark, and ExpressVPN are three of our favorites. Each one is lightning quick and capable of evading Netflix and other major streaming providers’ geo-restrictions. Furthermore, they may all give comprehensive digital security.

Before we get started, let’s take a quick look at how to stream American Netflix in Europe. After that, we’ll go through all there is to know about the topic. With that stated, here are all of the steps you’ll need to watch American Netflix in any European nation.

1. Invest in a VPN

Begin by obtaining a virtual private network (VPN) to use. Despite the fact that there are hundreds of alternatives, we recommend NordVPN, Surfshark, or ExpressVPN. Why is that? Because these are the most competent unblocking services for Netflix in the United States. They are also quite cost-effective.

2. Put it in place

Set up your VPN.’s app on your device. Don’t be concerned about this next stage. The setup of a virtual private network is a breeze. On most operating systems, it can even be done automatically.

3. Connect to a server in the United States

Connect your device to a VPN server in the US city nearest to you. Avoid connecting to faraway locations since they are more likely to slow down your internet connection.

4. Launch Netflix in the United States and begin watching.

Start streaming the normally limited collection by going to Netflix USA’s app or website. It’s ideal to prioritize viewing unique content to get the most out of your experience.

What Is The Best Way To Get American Netflix In Europe?

watching netflix


Netflix US may be accessed in a variety of ways in Europe. You may use a proxy in addition to a VPN. However, we do not advise this since proxies are significantly less trustworthy than VPNs. They also don’t work outside of the local browser context.

netflix proxy error

The majority of top-tier VPNs are capable of bypassing Netflix without breaking a sweat. They seldom create substantial slowdowns in internet rates while doing so. Another thing to keep in mind is that VPNs (with the exception of browser extensions) function across all of your devices. As a result, they are much more secure than proxies.

To unblock Netflix in the United States, almost everyone may utilize a virtual private network. The only need is that you follow each of the steps outlined below:

To watch American Netflix in Europe, first get a VPN.

Not all VPNs can get over Netflix’s geoblocks in the United States. As a result, you should research the supplier you want to use. That way, you won’t have any regrets after making a purchase. You may, of course, avoid all the problems by using one of our suggested VPNs. You may be sure that you’ll have a fantastic VPN experience if you do so.

Let’s take a closer look at NordVPN, Surfshark, and ExpressVPN to see what makes them so effective at getting around Netflix’s geo-restrictions in the US:

NordVPN (Northern Virtual Private Network)

logo nordvpn

The best VPN for streaming Netflix in the United States is NordVPN. It has a large server network in the United States that can stream service geoblocks without issue. More significantly, the majority of the provider’s servers are very fast. Some even claim that NordVPN is the fastest VPN in the world.

In the recent past, NordVPN’s security has been questioned. Why? It was once hacked by an unidentified assailant. Fortunately, no personal information about users was taken as a result of the incident. The only actual harm done was to NordVPN’s up to that point spotless reputation.

Up to six simultaneous connections are possible with NordVPN. Every major operating system is supported by the service. It also has a large online knowledge base and offers customer care 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Last but not least, you should be aware that NordVPN offers extremely competitive pricing.

The table below summarizes all you need to know about NordVPN pricing plans:

Lengths of Subscriptions 1 month’s rent (€9.56)
  1 calendar year (€3.93/month)
  2 years at €3.30 per month
The Most Expensive Month €9.56
Lowest Monthly Rate €3.30
Price for a year €39.6
Special Promotion For a two-year plan, you may save 68 percent. For a one-year plan, you may save 58 percent.

Surfshark 2

logo surfshark

Since its inception in 2018, Surfshark has been making waves in the VPN sector. Due to its highly powerful server network in the United States, the company easily overcomes any Netflix US geo-restrictions. And, as you would think, Surfshark is lightning fast and can hold its own against NordVPN and ExpressVPN.

Surfshark’s first aim is to keep your digital life safe. As a result, its apps are jam-packed with unique VPN security capabilities. Furthermore, it has a RAM-only network that is incapable of acquiring, collecting, and storing your private records.

Every Surfshark application is a delight to use. All of them have appealing user interfaces that are simple to use for a wide range of consumers. Aside from that, the company provides excellent customer service that can be reached by chat or email at any time.

The following is a detailed breakdown of Surfshark’s fees throughout Europe:

Lengths of Subscriptions 1 month (10.68 Euros)
  2 years at €2.05 per month
The Most Expensive Month €10.68
Lowest Monthly Rate €2.05
Price for a year €66.36
Special Promotion For a two-year membership, you may save 81 percent. For a 6-month membership, you may get a 50% discount.

ExpressVPN is the third option.

logo ExpressVPN

ExpressVPN is one of the most popular VPN services ever. It has received widespread acclaim for its ability to unblock Netflix and almost any other streaming service. More crucially, its extensive network is made up of lightning-fast servers. Finally, the service provider offers some of the most advanced digital security available.

The main reason why ExpressVPN is secure is that its network is entirely RAM-based. Another thing worth noting is that the provider supports most leading VPN protocols. Sadly though, it’s not equipped with essential VPN security features such as a built-in ad & malware blocker.

Because ExpressVPN’s apps are well-developed, they are simple to set up and use. The supplier, like its rivals, offers good customer service. However, ExpressVPN’s pricing, which are more than most rivals, are perhaps the most significant drawback.

Here’s a table with all the information you need regarding ExpressVPN’s pricing:

Lengths of Subscriptions 1 month (10.98 Euros)
  6 months at €8.47 per month
  1 year at €5.65 per month
The Most Expensive Month €10.98
Lowest Monthly Rate €5.65
Price for a year €67.8
Special Promotion For a one-year membership, there is a 50% discount.

Step 2: Download and install the VPN on your computer or mobile device.

vpn installation


To use a VPN, you must first download and install the VPN program on your device.

You’ll be relieved to learn that setting up a VPN is now simpler than it has ever been. In fact, you may be able to accomplish it with your eyes closed. Naturally, not everyone has it easy when it comes to technology. As a result, choosing a VPN with excellent customer support is critical.

Windows, Mac, Android, iPad, iPhone, Firestick, Chromecast with Google TV, and more platforms are supported. 

Remember that your VPN’s website is the only valid source for macOS, Linux, and Windows program downloads. Obtaining the programs from any other source puts you at risk, since the websites that host them are often harmful and untrustworthy.

Your VPN provider’s app is available in app stores for Amazon Fire TV Stick, iOS, and Android. It is not only secure but also simple to get from these app shops. After clicking the download option, all you have to do now is wait a few minutes for the installation to complete.

Chrome, Firefox, and other browsers are examples.

VPNs often include extensions for Firefox, Chrome, and other web browsers. While these extensions are simple to use, they often lack crucial functionalities. What’s more, they don’t provide total internet security. This is due to the fact that they are unable to function outside of the browser.

  • Chrome Web Store and Firefox Add-Ons

The extension for your VPN is most likely accessible in your browser’s online store. 

Installing VPN extensions is the same as installing VPN mobile applications, in case you were wondering. After the download is complete, the installation process starts immediately with no prompts.

The makers of NordVPN, Surfshark, and ExpressVPN have created extensions that are non-intrusive and simple to use. It’s almost certain that you’ll have a good time utilizing them. Yes, even if you already have the programs, they are worth downloading.

For Xbox, Playstation, Wii, Apple TV, Smart TV, and other gaming consoles.

VPNs are not supported natively on portable music players, outdated cellphones, or gaming consoles. Regardless, there is a method to use your provider in conjunction with them.

Nowadays, router support is fairly prevalent. All of the best VPNs are compatible with a broad range of internet routers. One disadvantage is that setting up a virtual private network on a router is typically difficult. You’ll need some technical knowledge to complete the procedure.

Anyone who wishes to skip the hassle of setting up a router may purchase a pre-configured VPN router. All three of our preferred providers offer their own routers for a reasonable price. By purchasing one of their routers, you will eliminate inconvenient situations and simplify your life.

Connect to a server in the United States. in Step 3

connect to vpn server


It’s finally time to join up with a US server. When you’re doing this, choose a spot that’s close by. Why? Nearby VPN servers are less likely to cause bandwidth problems. By removing bandwidth limiting, they may sometimes even boost connection speeds.

In the United States, NordVPN, Surfshark, and ExpressVPN all have massive networks. As a result, with any of the three, you’ll never run out of locations to connect with.

Servers in the United States of America provided by NordVPN 

Servers in the United States of America provided by NordVPN

I can’t say enough excellent things about NordVPN’s network of over 1900 servers in the United States. 

Netflix was only able to block me once while I was connected to it. As an added benefit, my internet connections never slowed significantly, rendering quality issues, buffering, and lagging obsolete.

Keep in mind that NordVPN’s network is currently under construction. Many of the company’s servers are still not RAM-based. As a consequence, the service provider may still collect your logs if it so desired.

Surfshark Servers in the United States 

Surfshark Servers in the United States

To get around Netflix, you may utilize any of Surfshark’s 500 US servers. Aside from that, it’s also worth noting that the majority of these servers have a negligible influence on internet speeds. As a result, I think it’s fair to say they’re ideal for streaming.

Surfshark’s server network is 100 percent RAM-based, thus security isn’t a concern. When coupled with it, you won’t have to worry about privacy breaches because of this.

Servers in the United States of America provided by ExpressVPN 

Servers in the United States of America provided by ExpressVPN

The precise size of ExpressVPN’s network in the United States is unknown. Despite this, the company operates at more than twenty sites around the country. As a result, it will undoubtedly fulfill the connection requirements of typical users such as yourself.

ExpressVPN’s servers are all based on RAM. It’s also important to point out that they’re lightning quick. It is assured that you will have a reliable internet connection when using them.

Step 4: Access Netflix’s US library by opening the app.

Open Netflix and Enjoy Its US Library

Go to Netflix’s US catalog and view some movies. Searching for an exclusive title like Superbad might help you figure out whether you’ve fully gotten around the platform. Aside from that, you may look at the onscreen homepage, which should be promoting the day’s top-rated US title.

Even the greatest VPN companies can’t get beyond Netflix’s geoblocks. In such cases, you’ll get a notification informing you that you’ve been banned. You’ll be returned to the platform’s local library for your nation after dealing with it. This may be a tremendous problem for anybody.

If your VPN isn’t able to bypass Netflix, there are three solutions you may try:

1. Modify the User Profile

Change User Profile

Netflix is restarted and its limitations are removed when you switch to a different user profile. My team does not recommend this strategy, despite the fact that it often works. Why is that? Because it modifies the profiles of those who use your account.

2. Log out and then log back in

By signing out of Netflix and then back in, you can get around the platform’s geoblocks. This strategy is much superior than the last one we discussed. It does not need the usage of a different user profile. It’s also a lot less difficult.

3. Switch to a different US server

When Netflix refuses to unblock, you may switch to a US server. After that, you should be able to watch Netflix in the United States. If you continue to have problems, try connecting to other United States servers until you eventually succeed.


Is There a Difference Between Netflix in the United States and Netflix in Europe?

Netflix in the United States is considerably different from Netflix in Europe. For one thing, it has a greater number of mainstream titles. It also has a greater number of locally created television programmes, which are frequently shown in Europe long after they have aired in the United States.

Why isn’t Netflix’s US library available in Europe?

The major reason Netflix vary by nation or area is due to licensing limitations.

Many people are unaware that Netflix is unable to legally broadcast material without the proper permissions. The platform buys these rights from production businesses nation by country. As a result, if a US title isn’t accessible in your region, it simply means that Netflix hasn’t purchased the rights to it yet.

How Does a VPN Allow You to Watch Netflix in the United States?

Netflix uses a code in your IP address to establish your present location. The best VPNs bypass Netflix’s geoblocks by changing your IP address with a new one, fooling Netflix into believing you’re in a different location.

Is It Illegal To Watch Netflix From The United States In Europe?

It depends on where in Europe you are from.

Countries such as Spain, Germany, Italy, and France have permissive internet regulations that do not prohibit the use of VPNs to unblock websites. However, this is not the case in countries like Belarus and Russia, where using a VPN is considered a severe felony.

How Do I Choose A VPN In Europe To Access American Netflix?

Choosing a VPN service provider is not as difficult as it seems. Always examine the following elements to ensure that you won’t have any regrets after completing a purchase:

  • Capabilities for unblocking
  • Dimensions of the network
  • Speed
  • Pricing

Our three suggested VPNs all have extensive server networks and can unblock Netflix without difficulty. These networks are made up of lightning-fast servers that will not let you down. Finally, NordVPN, Surfshark, and ExpressVPN are all affordable, with competitive pricing plans.

To Sum It Up

Let’s wrap up this article with a summary. Using a VPN to stream Netflix US in Europe isn’t difficult, as you presumably already know. Even children and senior individuals who aren’t tech-savvy may learn how to do it with the right instruction.

Here are all of the procedures you’ll need to follow to unblock Netflix in any European country:

  1. Get a virtual private network (VPN) (preferably NordVPN, Surfshark, or ExpressVPN)
  2. Set up your VPN.
  3. Connect to a server in the United States.
  4. Start watching Netflix and take advantage of the US library.

If you’re ever banned by Netflix while viewing anything else, remember to use one of the three workarounds I mentioned. You’ll be back on track nearly immediately if you do so.

Please read our other articles for information on how to access American Netflix in the United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, and Ireland. In the United States, you can also watch Netflix in China, Canadian Netflix, Japanese Netflix, or UK Netflix.

The “how to watch american netflix with vpn” is a VPN that allows users to watch American Netflix in Europe. It has been out for a while now, and it is still working well.

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