You Must Choose And Use A VPN Carefully

Wednesday , 19, February 2020 Leave a comment

VPN services that are available to the public can usually be shared between free and paid services. Free services generally limit the data quota or speed that you can use. Therefore, if a VPN is a necessity, you should upgrade to a paid service. Whether it’s free or paid, in general, you should pay attention to privacy policies. A good VPN service does not record its users (no logging). This means that the service provider will not record your online activities to be abused or sold to other parties, especially for mobile applications, also note the reviews and comments about the application. You must avoid unknown VPN applications, especially the ones with a bad reputation. In general, avoid installing applications on your cellphone without investigating them in advance, including the VPN application. That’s why if you use an Android smartphone, we recommend you find out what is the best vpn for android.

It can be seen that the VPN was originally developed for corporate and campus needs. However, today many companies offer VPN technology for public use. It’s because using VPN means accessing internet services through an intermediary network (VPN provider), this technology is also one way to avoid censorship. Various countries censor certain websites that are considered “damaging”, even though the content that you want to access is actually not against the law. VPN can be a solution to this limitation.

Using a VPN means that your data traffic must pass through the server that belongs to the owner of the service as an intermediary. Because of this, there is always the risk of VPN providers monitoring or recording data passing there. This risk may be low for VPNs to access office or campus networks, but it is a different story if you use a VPN service for public use.

Most communication via the internet today uses encryption (data randomization) protection. This will prevent the VPN provider from snooping on the contents of your communication. However, VPN providers can still store data such as usage time, IP of the device you are using, IP of the destination device, and other personal data. If you install a VPN application on your phone, the application might obtain additional data that can be misused. That’s why you must choose and use a VPN app carefully.

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