Taiwan VPN: Best VPN for Taiwan [2022]

A March 2022 in Taiwan is a very exciting time. With the US finally leaving, China and Japan both making peace with their neighbors to the north, and an expanding economy, it’s a great time for VPNs.
The Taiwanese government has been cracking down on free speech in recent years thanks to increased nationalism. This means that while you can still find some good deals online of such privacy tools as Virtual Private Networks (VPNs), they are not guaranteed when traveling abroad due to possible state surveillance or other monitoring by authorities within your own country or nation-state officials themselves.

The “best free vpn for taiwan server” is a VPN that allows users to unblock websites and access geo-restricted content.

Taiwan has some of the most open internet rules in the world. Regardless, it is still vital to utilize a VPN when in the nation. Why is that? Surveillance of the internet is prevalent there, as it is everywhere else in the globe. Having said that, due to the vast number of options available, selecting the best VPN to use in Taiwan might be difficult. Thankfully, I’m here to assist you.

The following are my top five VPN services for Taiwan:

In a moment, we’ll go through each of these VPNs in further detail. Before I go any further, I’d want to talk about how I rate things. After that, we’ll go through all of the reasons why you should utilize a VPN in Taiwan.

In Taiwan, why would you need a VPN?

A good VPN service is more than simply a digital security precaution. It’s also a technology that lets you access the internet in novel ways. With that in mind, here are all the reasons why you should utilize a virtual private network in Taiwan while browsing the internet:

A proxy or a VPN may be used to unblock restricted streaming service libraries. The former is not recommended since it is unreliable and dangerous to use. It goes without saying that not all VPNs provide you access to the libraries of sites like Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hulu, BBC iPlayer, and HBO Max.

In Taiwan, torrenting is not illegal, however downloading copyrighted material through torrent is. To be on the safe side of the law, utilize a VPN to fool any possible government monitors into thinking you’re surfing from a location where you aren’t.

A solid torrent VPN should have a clear zero-logs policy. Its servers should also be speedy and P2P-capable. It would be able to provide rapid and anonymous torrent downloading sessions in this manner.

As you presumably already know, all VPNs are required to offer their users with privacy and security. Virtual private networks that do not give adequate digital security are useless. As a result, it’s critical to read reviews to determine if the VPN you’re considering is capable of keeping you secure.

The safest VPNs use RAM-based server networks that don’t save logging data. Aside from that, they employ military-grade encryption and support all of the most popular VPN protocols. Finally, they provide a comprehensive set of security measures for free.

In 2022, what are the best VPNs for Taiwan?

1. NordVPN

Netflix: For many people, NordVPN is the go-to streaming VPN, particularly for Netflix, since its lightning-fast servers excel at bypassing geoblocks. You’ll be able to access the restricted libraries of all of the world’s biggest streaming platforms if you use the service. The greatest thing is that you are unlikely to experience latency, buffering, quality issues, or long load times when doing so.

Torrenting: Despite the fact that it lacks a fully functional P2P network, NordVPN is still one of the best VPNs for torrenting. This is due to the fact that it does not leak when tested and includes user-friendly tools that make connecting to a P2P server simple.

Also worth noting is the fact that NordVPN is one of the fastest VPNs available. As a result, it’s capable of facilitating lightning-fast torrenting sessions. This is really a good thing since it offers thieves less time to harm your privacy as you download.

Privacy & Security: NordVPN is a leader in cybersecurity. While it has yet to upgrade its entire network to one that’s RAM-based, the provider is still regarded to be beyond secure. That’s due to the fact that it has itself regularly subjected to independent audits. In addition, it operates one of the world’s largest bug bounty programs.

NordVPN, like all other top-tier VPNs, employs AES-256 encryption and supports all major VPN protocols. NordLynx, which is built on WireGuard and hence just as quick and safe, was established by its creators.

Pricing: If you want to pay monthly, NordVPN is the VPN to use. By pricing just $8.84 a month, it outperforms its closest competitors. Even when compared to well-known cheap VPNs like VyprVPN and Private Internet Access, this makes the company an excellent deal.

2. Surfshark

Unlimited Bandwidth

Unblock Netflix

Unlimited Connection

Support Bitcoin

Surfshark Plans

1-Month Plan $12.95/month

1-year Plan $3.99/month

2-year Plan $2.49/month

 30-day money-back guarantee

Get 81% OFF!

Surfshark is a relative newcomer to the VPN sector, according to Netflix. Regardless, it has been able to swiftly rise up the rankings. It’s becoming one of the most sought-after VPN services available. One of the main reasons for this is that the service does not break a sweat when utilized to get around any streaming platform limitation, including Netflix’s.

Torrenting: Every single one of Surfshark’s 3200+ server locations is P2P-enabled, making torrenting a breeze. Furthermore, these servers do not leak when checked using IPLeak.net, indicating that they are completely secure to use for all of your downloading requirements.

Privacy & Security: Surfshark has one quirk that makes it stand out. The VPN provider allows for unlimited simultaneous connections. Because of that, with one subscription, it’ll be possible to safeguard your entire family and even a few friends. For me, this gives Surfshark incredible value, especially when compared to other similarly-ranked VPNs.

Surfshark, as you’d think, employs AES encryption and supports every protocol you’d ever want to use. Its applications are very simple to use and provide a number of useful security features. Aside from that, you may buy a variety of handy add-ons.

Surfshark is priced at $12.95 per month. If this seems to be prohibitively costly, keep in mind that the VPN does not impose a restriction on the number of simultaneous connections. As a result, it offers amazing value for the money, making it a fantastic buy.

3. ExpressVPN

Unlimited Bandwidth

Unblock Netflix

Allow P2P

Support Bitcoin

ExpressVPN Plans

1 Month Plan $12.95/month

6 Month Plan $9.99/month

15 Month Plan $6.66/month

 30-day money-back guarantee

Get 49% OFF!

Netflix: If you want to unblock streaming libraries, like Netflix, with as much consistency as possible, ExpressVPN is an excellent VPN to have. The supplier, you see, is almost never detected and banned. It does this by regularly maintaining and improving its network of over 3000 very fast virtual private network servers.

Torrenting: ExpressVPN, like Surfshark, features a fully functional P2P server network. In addition, when tested, it does not leak and is completely capable of allowing fast downloading sessions. As a result, it’s more than a competent VPN for torrenting.

Privacy & Security: Many online experts consider ExpressVPN to be the standard VPN when it comes to privacy and security. That’s because it was the first-ever provider to adopt RAM-disk servers. Moreover, it’s also one of the pioneers when it comes to essential features like split tunneling and automatic kill switches.

Sad to say, ExpressVPN has now fallen at its own game to other competitors. It had failed to develop and equip itself with many security features that are now becoming standard. Prime examples of which include double VPN, create your own IP, and an ad & malware blocker.

ExpressVPN is one of the most costly VPN services available. It costs $12.95 per month, much as Surfshark. However, unlike its closest competition, it only allows for a maximum of 5 simultaneous connections, making it unsuitable for big families.

4. CyberGhost

Unlimited Bandwidth

Unblock Netflix

Kill Switch

7900+ Server

Cyberghost Plans

1 Month Plan $12.99/ month

1-year Plan $3.95/ month

2-year Plan $3.15/ month

3-year Plan $2.15/ month

 30-day money-back guarantee

Get 82% OFF!

Netflix: CyberGhost makes it simple for anybody to access inaccessible streaming libraries. Its network of over 7500 servers allows it to operate around practically any geoblock thrown at it. While not all of these places are capable of unblocking Netflix, the majority are. 

If you’re curious, choosing and connecting to CyberGhost’s streaming servers is a piece of cake. Because most of the provider’s apps enable you to choose or search from a list, this is the case. This is a wonderful VPN feature to have for anybody who values convenience.

Torrenting: On CyberGhost’s network, torrenting is permitted. It works with almost all common torrenting clients. Furthermore, for the sake of convenience, the provider’s applications give a list of servers that may be used for torrenting.

CyberGhost’s P2P servers are perfectly secure to use, according to my testing. Under no circumstances do they leak. Furthermore, they have reasonable speed capabilities.

Privacy & Security: CyberGhost’s privacy and security capabilities are held in high regard by most VPN experts. That’s because the provider hasn’t failed to innovate and keep up with its competitors. How? By incorporating a plethora of new features into its apps and establishing support for brand new protocols like WireGuard, which is regarded by many to be the best.

CyberGhost’s security isn’t flawless, of course. Its protocol compatibility and feature set are not consistent across all of its apps. As a result, users of certain gadgets may be left out.

CyberGhost will set you back $12.99 every month. Even though it’s pretty expensive, it’s still a better value than ExpressVPN. After all, CyberGhost supports a respectable twelve device connections at the same time.

5. IPVanish

Try free for 7 Days

 700 servers in 34 countries

Allow P2P

Kill Switch

IPVanish Plans

12 Month Plan $10.99/month

24 Month Plan $5.32/month

36 Month Plan $3.99/month

 30-day money-back guarantee

Get 63% OFF!

Netflix: IPVanish isn’t one of the greatest VPN options for Netflix movie lovers. After all, Netflix USA is the only library that it can reliably unblock. Aside from that, its servers aren’t the quickest, which means buffering, slow loading times, and quality dips might occur while you’re viewing.

Torrenting: IPVanish was clearly designed with torrenters in mind. Its whole worldwide network of over 1300 servers is completely P2P capable. They’re also fully leak-free when tested, which is a plus. As a result, they’re ideal for all of your torrenting requirements.

Having said that, you should be aware that IPVanish’s servers aren’t the quickest. As a result, you won’t have the fastest download times, which might be a pain.

Privacy & Security: Security is IPVanish’s number one forte. It has long maintained a concrete zero-logging policy and has been known to have refused private user information to the local authorities on several occasions. As such, even without having a RAM-based network, you certainly will be able to uphold your privacy when using the provider.

IPVanish’s many programs and browser extensions come equipped with all of the features you’d expect from a VPN. Furthermore, these applications and extensions are simple to use, making them ideal for non-technical users.

As of this writing, IPVanish’s monthly package costs $9.99. Personally, I think this is a great value. However, I believe it is preferable to go with NordVPN, which provides much more and is far less expensive than IPVanish.

Criteria for Ranking

I was unable to go to Taiwan to do testing on my own because of the epidemic. As a result, I had to depend on research and internet input to come up with my rankings. Nonetheless, I was able to compile a list of the top five VPN services in Taiwan.

Performance, of course, isn’t everything. In reality, many consumers avoid VPNs with the highest specifications since they are frequently the most costly. As a consequence, as I was finalizing my rankings, I considered affordability as well as value for money.

Putting It All Together

I’d like to conclude this essay with a table that lists each VPN we mentioned previously:

VPNWhy Is It Beneficial to Taiwan?PricesLink
logo nordvpnUnblocks Netflix and a variety of other streaming services with ease. Has reasonable torrenting capabilities and is quite safe.Month-to-Month ($8.84/Month) 1 year ($4.92 per month) $3.71/month for 2 years


All subscriptions come with a 30-day money-back guarantee.

logo surfsharkUnblocking Netflix is a breeze with this app. There are no limits on the number of connections that may be made at the P2P is supported on all servers. It has a safe RAM-based network.Month-to-Month ($12.95/Month) $6.49/month for 6 months $2.49/month for 2 years


All subscriptions come with a 30-day money-back guarantee.

logo expressvpnUnblocking Netflix is one of her specialties. P2P network with full functionality, top-notch security, fast speeds, and an easy-to-use softwareMonth-to-Month ($12.95/Month) 6-Month Subscription ($9.99/Month) 1 yr. ($8.32 p.m.)


All subscriptions come with a 30-day money-back guarantee.

logo cyberghostProvides unrestricted access to Netflix libraries, a large number of P2P servers, and adequate security. It has a large server network and affordable costs.Month-to-Month ($12.99/Month) Money-back guarantee for 14 days


1 year (3.99 per month) 2 years at $3.49 per month Three years ($2.25 per month) Money-back guarantee for 45 days

logo ipvanishExcellent unblocking powers, P2P network with full functionality Excellent security, easy-to-use native applications, and reasonable costsMonth-to-Month ($9.99/Month) 1 yr. ($8.32 p.m.)


All subscriptions come with a 30-day money-back guarantee.


The “Taiwan VPN” is a VPN that allows users to connect to the internet in Taiwan. The best part about this VPN is that it is available for both Android and iOS devices. Reference: taiwan vpn apk.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need a VPN for Taiwan?

A: Yes, you absolutely do. If you are trying to access Taiwanese websites or media from the United States of America, then a VPN is necessary for your protection and privacy.

In which VPN Taiwan is available for free?

A: The VPN Taiwan is available for free on a monthly basis.

Is VPN allowed in Taiwan?

A: Yes, VPN is allowed in Taiwan.

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