Telegram VPN: Best VPN for Telegram [2022]

Telegram is a messaging service that has become incredibly popular in the last few years. However, it’s not without its downsides: using Telegram can put your privacy at risk and exposes you to potential hackers. That’s why we recommend taking steps now to protect yourself from these risks by installing a VPN on your phone or computer

The “best free vpn for telegram” is a VPN service that allows users to unblock Telegram. The best part about the “best free vpn for telegram” is that it’s completely free and has no ads.

best vpns for telegram

Telegram is one of the most popular messaging apps in the world. 

It prides itself on being very secure, encrypting all of its users’ communications, audio, and video conversations. That being said, anybody who values their privacy should utilize a VPN with Telegram to ensure that their communications remain secure.

So, what are the best Telegram VPNs? In this tutorial, I’ll discuss three solutions that will undoubtedly satisfy you.

Apart from that, I’ll go through all the reasons why you should only use Telegram using a VPN. Last but not least, after you have your Telegram VPN, I will show you how to utilize it.

What Are the Best Telegram VPNs in 2022?

1. NordVPN

Unlimited Bandwidth

Unblock Netflix

Kill Switch

Support Bitcoin

NordVPN Plans

1 Month Plan $11.99/month

1-year Plan $4.99/month

2-year Plan $3.99/month

 30-day money-back guarantee

Get 68% OFF!

Privacy & Security: NordVPN will take your online security to the next level. With its help, your exchanges on Telegram are guaranteed to remain private. In addition to a having concrete no-logs policy, NordVPN also maintains the largest RAM-based network of any VPN. Furthermore, it utilizes extremely secure military-grade AES 256-bit encryption.

It should also be noted that NordVPN offers a wide range of protocols to select from. This is because the service allows you to switch between any major VPN protocol presently available. It even has its own WireGuard variant named NordLynx.

NordVPN’s apps have a nice design. They have basic user interfaces that make them easy to use for everyone. Aside from that, they provide a slew of tools that may help you increase your security. The automated kill switch is a good illustration of this.

Speed & Unblocking Capabilities: A lot of online experts that have used NordVPN claim that it is the world’s fastest VPN. While this hasn’t been proven, it’s guaranteed that NordVPN will easily be able to facilitate seamless messaging, voice mailing, and video calling.

NordVPN can help you get most out of Telegram by speeding up your internet connection. How does the service provider do this? It removes any bandwidth allotment constraints that your internet service provider may have imposed behind your back to avoid network overcrowding.

Another thing to keep in mind is that NordVPN will allow you to use Telegram even if it is blocked in your country. The reason for this is because its servers have exceptional unblocking skills. As a result, you may use them from anywhere in the globe to get a download link for the provider. Even in China, you won’t have any issues since NordVPN can reliably bypass the Great Firewall.

Pricing: NordVPN isn’t going to break the bank. For a VPN of this level, the company offers quite inexpensive costs. You’ll just have to pay $11.95 for a one-month membership. You may use Bitcoin to conduct anonymous payments for ultimate privacy.

2. ExpressVPN

Unlimited Bandwidth

Unblock Netflix

Allow P2P

Support Bitcoin

ExpressVPN Plans

1 Month Plan $12.95/month

6 Month Plan $9.99/month

15 Month Plan $6.66/month

 30-day money-back guarantee

Get 49% OFF!

Privacy & Security: ExpressVPN is a leader in the VPN industry primarily because it provides excellent security to its subscribers. The provider was the first mainstream VPN to upgrade its network into one that’s 100% RAM-disk-enabled. On top of that, it is among the few providers that subject itself to regularly done independent third-party audits.

ExpressVPN offers a strict zero-logging policy, as you would imagine. It also uses military-grade AES-256 encryption and supports a variety of VPN protocols. Lightway, ExpressVPN’s unique response to the well-known WireGuard protocol, is one of these protocols.

ExpressVPN has applications that anyone can appreciate. These apps are highly-configurable and very user-friendly. Sadly though, they don’t have any exclusive features that would make them stand out. As a matter of fact, they don’t even have a dedicated ad & malware blocker.

Speed & Unblocking Capabilities: ExpressVPN is known for its speed. During our testing, the provider never managed to bog down our connection speeds to a significant extent. In some instances, it even improved it by eliminating ISP-imposed bandwidth allocation limitations.

ExpressVPN will not create connection problems when you are using Telegram because of its speed. It will ensure that all of your conversations go smoothly and without glitches.

ExpressVPN’s ability to circumvent geo-restrictions is another of its strengths. Because the VPN has such strong unblocking capabilities, it can provide you with unrestricted access to Telegram from anywhere in the globe. ExpressVPN can avoid China’s Great Firewall as well as other national internet restriction systems, so I say everywhere.

ExpressVPN is not a costly VPN service, contrary to common opinion. Given all it has to offer, the rates are fairly reasonable. You can now get the provider’s basic monthly membership for just $12.95, which is a great deal.

ExpressVPN allows bitcoin payments, allowing you to buy it without compromising your privacy. Aside from that, the company provides a 30-day money-back guarantee, which makes requesting a return or using the service without risk relatively simple.

3. Surfshark

Unlimited Bandwidth

Unblock Netflix

Unlimited Connection

Support Bitcoin

Surfshark Plans

1-Month Plan $12.95/month

1-year Plan $3.99/month

2-year Plan $2.49/month

 30-day money-back guarantee

Get 81% OFF!

Privacy & Security: Surfshark takes your security very seriously. This is evident in the fact that it recently made the move to using RAM-based servers across its entire network. Because of that, its no-logs policy is no longer the only guarantee that it won’t compromise your data.

Surfshark, like other VPNs in its class, employs AES-256 encryption and offers a variety of VPN protocols. It has, however, chosen not to establish a proprietary protocol, which is rather fascinating. As a result, WireGuard is the best VPN protocol for Telegram according to the supplier.

Surfshark offers a variety of apps that are all simple to set up. Furthermore, each of these apps has an extremely user-friendly interface. Furthermore, all Surfshark applications come with a number of beneficial features, such as a hacker alarm system and a secure search engine that is proprietary.

The capacity for infinite simultaneous device connections is, in my view, the most distinguishing feature of Surfshark. For those who are unaware, this implies that you only need one membership to secure the digital lives of all your loved ones.

Speed & Unblocking Capabilities: Our testing has revealed Surfshark to be an exceptionally fast VPN. It seldom does anything negative to our base connection speeds. Additionally, even its most distant servers turned out to be great performers, at least when we tested them out.

Surfshark was even able to get me off bandwidth limiting on a few instances. Regardless, I wouldn’t advocate using a VPN to improve your online connection speeds. Why is that? Because it is incapable of doing so consistently.

Geo-restrictions are likewise no problem for Surfshark. It can easily bypass China’s Great Firewall and almost any other national censorship system. As a result, it’s a good VPN to have for Telegram users who are always on the go.

Surfshark’s prices are in the middle of those of NordVPN and ExpressVPN. It does, however, charge $12.95 for a one-month membership plan, much as ExpressVPN. This pricing is really reasonable in my opinion. Surfshark is, after all, a VPN service provider with a lot to offer.

What Is Telegram and How Does It Work?


Telegram is a free instant messaging application that was released in late 2013. It distinguishes itself from many of its rivals by providing end-to-end encryption for chats, phone calls, and voice messages, making it one of the most secure instant messaging systems available.

Telegram is a cross-platform service, as you would assume. That is, it enables users with devices running various operating systems to connect with one another. Telegram is widely accessible because to its many client programs for both mobile and desktop platforms.

Telegram’s popularity has skyrocketed in recent years. It currently has more than 500 million active users, up from 100 million in 2016. These figures comfortably place Telegram among the most commonly used free cross-platform instant messaging systems in the world.

Why Should You Use A Telegram VPN?

  • Boost Your Digital Safety

Because Telegram encrypts your messages, it is already safer than many other instant messaging applications. Needless to say, it doesn’t use the best encryption, which means that with enough effort, hackers and other parties could intercept your Telegram messages.

Your Telegram conversations will stay secret if you use a VPN. What do you mean by that? By masking your IP address and encrypting all of your internet activity. Of fact, not all VPNs are capable of providing enough protection. As a result, it’s critical that you choose a reliable service provider.

  • Telegram Can Be Used Where It Is Banned

Many governments have banned Telegram and continue to do so. 

If you’re ever blocked from utilizing the service, you may use a VPN to get around it. Because of this, the correct provider’s servers will be able to overcome geo-restrictions and provide you access to Telegram regardless of where you are in the world.

So, how do VPNs get around geo-blockades? By changing your IP address, you can deceive censorship systems into believing you’re browsing from a location where you aren’t.

  • Increase the speed of your internet connection

VPNs may boost your internet speeds and enhance your Telegram chat experience by utilising servers that bypass bandwidth limits put in place by your ISP to protect its network from being overburdened. That However, even the finest VPN companies cannot ensure that you will have a quicker internet connection.

How to Use a Telegram VPN

Do you want to utilize a Telegram VPN but aren’t sure how to do so? Simply follow the instructions below:

Begin by locating a dependable VPN service provider. Because online security is so vital, you should choose the finest solution on the market. Avoid suspiciously low-cost or free services since they may not be able to offer you with proper internet security and privacy.

Rather of taking a chance on any VPN, you should choose one of the companies we outlined previously. Why is that? Because their talents have been put to the test, and you can be certain that none of them will disappoint you.

The next step is to set up your VPN. Your supplier is likely to have a Telegram app for your preferred device. This application will be really simple and fast to set up. After all, all you have to do is click the download button and wait for the installation to complete.

Unfortunately, setting up a VPN on a router isn’t as simple as the convenience it provides. In reality, only individuals with a high degree of technical knowledge can do it without help. All of our best Telegram VPNs, fortunately, offer pre-configured plug-and-play routers.

Connect to a server after launching your VPN program. Pair with your provider’s recommended server to ensure the fastest possible connection speeds. This server is most likely your VPN provider’s best-performing server for your present location.

  • Activate the Kill Switch on your VPN.

After selecting and connecting to a server, the next thing you should do is Activate the Kill Switch on your VPN. feature. Never skip this step because it’s vital to your online privacy and security.

A kill switch, for those who aren’t aware, is a security mechanism that most VPN providers include. To put it another way, it works by disconnecting your device from the internet if its connection to your provider’s server is ever hacked.

The last step is to launch Telegram and begin using it. 

Always remember to keep your VPN connected when using the site. That way, you can be certain that no dangerous third parties will intercept your communications.

How We Rated These Telegram VPNs

It wasn’t simple putting together our list of the best VPNs for Telegram.

First and foremost, we had to limit down our options, which wasn’t simple given the hundreds of VPNs available. Many of them claim to be the finest Telegram solution. However, only a few number of them would truly be sufficient for the job.

We ran our prospects through a series of tests to see how well they functioned with Telegram after we got them. Following that, we analyzed their prices since virtually everyone searching for a VPN service is concerned with value for money.

Completing the Picture

I’d like to wrap up this article with a table that lists the top Telegram VPNs:

VPNWhy Is It Beneficial To Telegram?Price ranges (in USD)
logo nordvpnExcellent unblocking powers, a large server network that is very quick It has a lot of functions and is really safe to use. Apps and browser extensions are user-friendly. Priced reasonablyMonth-to-Month ($11.95/Month) 1 year ($4.92 per month) $3.71/month for 2 years


All subscriptions come with a 30-day money-back guarantee.

logo expressvpnUnblocks internet streaming services with ease, has amazing speed, and is quite safe. It has a RAM-based, P2P-capable network. Ensures that user-friendly applications and browser extensions are available.Month-to-Month ($12.95/Month) 6-Month Subscription ($9.99/Month) 1 yr. ($8.32 p.m.)


All subscriptions come with a 30-day money-back guarantee.

logo surfsharkProvides unrestricted access to Netflix libraries that are otherwise inaccessible. Allows for an infinite number of concurrent connections. P2P and RAM-disk support are available on all servers. Exceptionally safe, Apps are simple to use.1 Month ($12.95/Month)6 Months ($6.49/Month)2 Years ($2.49/Month) All subscriptions come with a 30-day money-back guarantee.

The “telegram vpn channel” is a VPN for Telegram. It has been updated in 2022 March and is the best VPN for Telegram.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which country VPN is best for Telegram?

A: The best country VPN for Telegram is a good VPN that does not have strict restrictions on what applications users can use with the service. This will let you access any message or chat application without issue, including Telegram.

Can I use VPN on Telegram?

A: Yes you can use VPN on Telegram. Check out our article about using a VPN to get around geo-restrictions for more information, or just follow the below steps.

How can I activate VPN in Telegram?

A: To turn on VPN in Telegram, open the chat and tap Menu at the bottom left. Then select Advanced settings. From there you can toggle your VPN off or on.

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1. NordVPN

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