Firefox VPN: Best VPN for Firefox [2022]

Firefox VPN is a relatively new service on the market, but it’s already making waves due to its no-log limitations. This feature makes Firefox one of the best options for privacy while browsing with an open web browser. Though its features are just now coming into view and we still don’t know what will happen in 2022, this could be your golden ticket if you’re looking for a secure way to browse without losing out on speed or performance
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The “mozilla vpn” is a VPN that allows users to browse the internet without being tracked. It also provides an easy-to-use interface and it is available for multiple platforms including Windows, MacOS, iOS, Android, Linux, Chrome OS and more.

Firefox is one of the most widely used web browsers on the planet. Thanks to its user-friendliness and great degree of configurability, it has amassed millions of users over the years. Apart from that, practically all online security experts believe that it is safer to use and more secure than other common browsers.

Firefox is safer than other browsers, but it may still be hacked. As a result, you’ll need to utilize a VPN with it.

(If you’re in a hurry, NordVPN is our top suggestion for the Firefox browser.)

In 2022, what are the best VPNs for Firefox?

Finding the best VPN to use with Firefox might be tricky due to the large number of VPNs available. My team has selected the top services from hundreds of options. Here are a few of our favorites:

  1. NordVPN
  2. ExpressVPN
  3. Surfshark
  4. Shield Against Hotspots
  5. Access to the Internet in a Secure Environment

Let’s take a closer look at each VPN individually. After all, it’s only when you’re completely educated that you can make an informed decision on which one to buy.

1. NordVPN

Unlimited Bandwidth

Unblock Netflix

Kill Switch

Support Bitcoin

NordVPN Plans

1 Month Plan $11.99/month

1-year Plan $4.99/month

2-year Plan $3.99/month

 30-day money-back guarantee

Get 68% OFF!

Many people consider NordVPN to be the finest VPN. The service comes with a fantastic Firefox extension that’s simple to install, setup, and use. It was designed with children, the elderly, and everyone in between in mind, so it can be used by almost anybody.

NordVPN’s degree of online security is unquestionably outstanding. It uses military-grade AES-256 encryption and supports every major protocol, including a proprietary version of WireGuard called NordLynx, as do practically all other high-ranking services.

NordVPN is particularly good at speed. In fact, the service is often recognized as the industry’s quickest. You’re assured to have a solid connection even after connecting to the distant servers. It will be easy to play games, download material, and view movies.

Anyone who torrents regularly will benefit from NordVPN. You won’t have any issues even if not all of its servers are P2P enabled. Because the service recognizes downloading activities automatically, it connects you to the most optimal server.

NordVPN has been a big hit with our Chinese testing. They were able to get through the Great Firewall by using it. Although there were multiple failed efforts, moving to a different server always seemed to solve the issue.

Apart from Firefox, NordVPN also provides a Chrome plugin. Additionally, native applications are available for Windows, Linux, Android, iOS, Amazon Firestick, and macOS. You may also use the service with consoles and other devices by installing it on a number of routers.

If you have any questions, NordVPN offers great customer service. It may be contacted by chat and email. Its employees are all competent, swift, and kind. You should also be aware that video tutorials and an online knowledgebase are available for quick troubleshooting.

NordVPN is not a cheap service. Its costs, on the other hand, are within reach of individuals with a modest budget. There is currently no free trial available for the VPN. What’s even better is that you may take advantage of a 30-day money-back guarantee.

2. ExpressVPN

Unlimited Bandwidth

Unblock Netflix

Allow P2P

Support Bitcoin

ExpressVPN Plans

1 Month Plan $12.95/month

6 Month Plan $9.99/month

15 Month Plan $6.66/month

 30-day money-back guarantee

Get 49% OFF!

ExpressVPN is without a doubt one of the finest VPNs on the market. It comes with a Firefox plugin that ensures you have a safe and secure surfing experience. If you’re curious, accessing and configuring the extension is a breeze.

ExpressVPN uses AES-256 encryption and has its own protocol dubbed Chameleon, in addition to having a 100% RAM-based network. OpenVPN and other well-known protocols are also supported. However, further security measures such as a virus blocker are missing from the service.

ExpressVPN’s server network is smaller than NordVPN’s. It is, nevertheless, fairly big and will undoubtedly allow you to connect where you need. Yes, the network allows you to access the web without interruption in China, Russia, Turkey, Iran, and the United Arab Emirates.

ExpressVPN is quick, as one would expect from a top-tier VPN service. It has no bandwidth restrictions, so you may send a limitless quantity of data over its servers. As a result, you’ll always have a fast and steady connection no matter where you connect.

ExpressVPN is an excellent choice for torrenting. It’s compatible with all major torrenting clients, as well as having a fully functional P2P network. Furthermore, our research has demonstrated that private information is not leaked during download sessions. As a result, it is quite safe.

ExpressVPN will not let you down when it comes to unblocking. It may provide you access to any website or web-based service that is now inaccessible in your area. In addition, the service can circumvent geoblocks imposed by major streaming services such as Netflix, Hulu, and BBC iPlayer.

ExpressVPN’s apps and browser extensions were created with simplicity in mind. Every one of them features usable, visually attractive, and easy-to-navigate interfaces. People who aren’t tech-savvy will quickly learn to appreciate and master them.

Unfortunately, ExpressVPN’s pricing are a little excessive. You’ll have to invest if you want a long-term membership. That investment is, without a doubt, well worth it. Furthermore, if you have any regrets, you are covered by a 30-day money-back guarantee, which entitles you to a return.

3. Surfshark

Unlimited Bandwidth

Unblock Netflix

Unlimited Connection

Support Bitcoin

Surfshark Plans

1-Month Plan $12.95/month

1-year Plan $3.99/month

2-year Plan $2.49/month

 30-day money-back guarantee

Get 81% OFF!

Surfshark is a fantastic Firefox browser plugin that can be used by everyone in the family. It may be installed on an endless number of PCs and used at the same time, in addition to being user-friendly. Because Surfshark is one of the few VPNs that allows for an infinite number of simultaneous connections, it’s a great option.

Surfshark’s security is great since it uses AES-256 encryption and supports all of the major protocols. Furthermore, all of its 1700+ servers are RAM-based, making them incapable of storing any type of sensitive user data.

It’s also worth noting that Surfshark offers a lot of cool features. A kill switch, split tunneling, malware blocker, and an alarm system that notifies you if your data has been compromised are just a few examples.

Surfshark is a suitable alternative if you want a fast network connection. It’s safe to say that no matter which server you pick, you won’t have any issues with loading delays, latency, or buffering. Everything will go smoothly and without a hitch.

Surfshark makes it simple to access prohibited material. You’ll be able to access a wide range of websites, including unique regional services and international streaming service libraries, using it. It will also be able to bypass harsh censorship systems such as China’s Great Firewall.

Surfshark’s P2P network isn’t completely functional. Regardless, it’s a fantastic VPN for torrenting. The service, like NordVPN, monitors your downloading activities and connects you to an optimal server depending on your location.

Surfshark’s customer service is adequate. I’ve never had a problem resolving problems on my own or talking with customer service people. When I contacted the service through chat or email, I was always greeted by someone who was quick, competent, and kind. Furthermore, there are several publications available online that explain how to resolve a variety of situations.

Surfshark’s pricing aren’t the cheapest. The service, of course, is the most valuable since it allows for an infinite number of simultaneous connections. It also features a 30-day money-back guarantee, which you may take advantage of to obtain a refund.

4. Shield Against Hotspots

Unlimited Bandwidth

based in US

Offer Free VPN

Kill Switch

Hotspot Shield Plans

1 Month Plan 12,99€/month

12 Month Plan 7,99€/month

 45-day money-back guarantee

Get 40% OFF!

Shield Against Hotspots is a popular VPN service that’s got a Firefox extension that’s used by millions of people. You won’t have any trouble downloading then setting it up because Shield Against Hotspots’s developers have built it to be extremely simple.

For the most part, Shield Against Hotspots is safe. The service uses AES-256 encryption and has all the essential VPN features one would want. One downside is that the only protocol it supports is Catapult Hydra, which is proprietary, closed-source, and not very trusted by experts.

One of Shield Against Hotspots’s strengths is speed. During my time using it, I’ve not experienced issues in regards to downloading times, buffering, lagging, and frame drops. As you might’ve expected, the service has unlimited bandwidth and decent servers that hardly impact base connections.

Gaining access to geoblocked websites, services, and foreign streaming service libraries is easy with Shield Against Hotspots. Sadly, the same cannot be said when it comes to working around censorship systems. All our testers in China have gotten mixed results when using it.

Shield Against Hotspots actively encourages torrenting on its network that’s 100% P2P enabled. With that being said, subscribers are still advised by the VPN to refrain from downloading content that is copyrighted, illegal, or restricted.

The developers of Shield Against Hotspots have created extensions for Firefox and Chrome. Also, native applications for iOS, macOS, Windows, Android, and Linux have been made. Last but not least, you may also install the service on compatible routers.

Shield Against Hotspots is one of the few premium services that offer a free subscription. But, it’s a must to note that you’ll be missing out on many key features when getting the service’s free version. Thus, you should avail of a premium subscription for maximum safety.

5. Access to the Internet in a Secure Environment (PIA)

Unlimited Bandwidth

Bypass Geo-Restriction

Kill Switch

Support Bitcoin


1 Month Plan $9.95/month

1-year Plan $3.33/month

2-year Plan $3.29/month

 30-day money-back guarantee

Get 67% OFF!

Access to the Internet in a Secure Environment or PIA is a long-established VPN with a Firefox extension that very few competitors can match. It’s easy to use, simple to navigate, and suitable for people of all sorts. In fact, even those who aren’t tech-savvy are guaranteed to master it in no time.

PIA supports every major protocol, including WireGuard, in addition to leveraging military-grade AES-256 encryption. It also incorporates a great malware blocker called PIA MACE, as well as a kill switch and a slew of other important security measures.

Don’t get your hopes up when it comes to Access to the Internet in a Secure Environment’ speed capabilities. Why? It isn’t the fastest service around. You’ll most likely experience long downloading times, frame drops when gaming, and video buffering if you’re paired to a distant server.

PIA can function around a large number of geoblocks. Despite this, it isn’t the best VPN to use if you want complete freedom when browsing the internet. Why is that? The service is unable to bypass the Great Firewall or provide access to a wide range of streaming platform libraries.

PIA is ideal for torrenting since the whole network is P2P enabled, as previously stated. On any of the VPN’s 3000+ servers, you may download without fear. Due of its slightly restricted speed capabilities, don’t expect it to complete soon.

The apps and browser extensions of Access to the Internet in a Secure Environment are user-friendly. All of them are easy to download, install, then configure. In addition, each has navigable interfaces that look great. Individuals who aren’t tech-savvy, like children and the elderly, shall have no problems.

PIA may be reached by live chat and email. My interactions with its representatives have been nothing short of fantastic. All of them were kind and informative in their responses to my questions. As a result, troubleshooting and finding answers to issues was a breeze.

People who’ve got little to spend on digital security will love Access to the Internet in a Secure Environment. The reason why is because it’s way cheaper than competing services. Moreover, it also maintains a strict 30-day money-back guarantee that lets you get a refund or try it out without any risks.

What about the Mozilla Virtual Private Network?

What About Mozilla VPN


After years of development, Firefox finally debuted Mozilla VPN a few months ago. People all across the globe may now use the browser’s own virtual private network, which is absolutely free, despite the fact that it was originally only accessible in a few countries.

Many security experts have given Firefox’s native VPN positive praise. It’s simple to use and offers lightning-fast servers. Furthermore, it defaults to WireGuard (the newest and most secure protocol). As a result, it is much more secure than many other services.

Because it’s so new, Mozilla VPN is missing a lot of fundamental functionality that many people would consider important. It also doesn’t have a large number of servers to choose from. As a consequence, the network of the service is prone to being overwhelmed.

Apart from what has already been said, news on Mozilla VPN’s unlocking skills have not been positive. The proprietary VPN can’t get around streaming platforms’ geoblocks, and it can’t provide you access to regionally restricted websites and online services.

Mozilla VPN is typically not recommended as your primary VPN. It’s a terrific free backup, but it won’t keep you completely safe from harmful third parties. Furthermore, it will not allow you to securely access geo-restricted material or torrents. Finally, when it comes to connection, the service will not present you with many possibilities.

How Do You Pick The Right VPN For Firefox?

How To Choose The Best VPN For Firefox


As previously stated, selecting a Firefox VPN is difficult due to the large number of options available. To make things simpler, we’ve compiled a list of items you should always keep in mind while making your decision. If you follow these steps, you will have no regrets about your purchase.

Every VPN’s main purpose should be to offer its users with the finest online protection money can buy. As a result, look for a provider that employs military-grade AES-256 encryption and supports all major protocols. 

It should also have important functions such as a kill switch, virus blocker, and split tunneling. A RAM-based network with a verified no-logs policy would also be beneficial.

Regrettably, all VPNs have an impact on internet connection speeds. The extent to which they do so, however, varies greatly. Some services are much quicker than others due to stronger servers or the lack of a bandwidth restriction. These are the services you should always get.

A fast VPN will allow you to download stuff, play online games, and watch all of your favorite programs and movies without interruption. You’ll also be able to enjoy a more pleasant browsing experience.

Torrenting is prohibited on many VPN networks. Even famous clients like uTorrent and Vuze aren’t compatible with a few of them. Other services, on the other hand, promote downloading and offer fully functional P2P networks that do not leak data.

The size of a VPN’s network is critical since it determines how successfully a service can keep you anonymous. It also controls the number of locations to which you may connect. As a result, providers with smaller networks limit your ability to access the internet in as many locations.

For many people, the most crucial factor to consider when choosing a VPN is price. The cost of services varies greatly. While some are free, others need you to pay a fee to utilize them. We do not advocate using a free VPN. Why? Because free VPNs typically lack features like a kill switch, virus blocker, and split tunneling, they aren’t always safe.

You must choose a provider that is both inexpensive and has a reasonable return policy. After all, you never know whether you’ll have second thoughts about your purchase after you’ve made it.

In conclusion

I’d like to wrap off this essay with a quick rundown of each VPN service I mentioned before. Even though they’re all excellent for Firefox, they all have drawbacks that may be deal breakers for you. As a result, it’s vital to look through them again to prevent regrets.

NordVPN is an excellent all-around VPN with all of the bells and whistles you’d expect. However, it was once hacked by a third-party hacker. During the event, information was gathered that may be used to establish a bogus server. Fortunately, no personal information about users was obtained.

Many experts consider ExpressVPN to be the best secure VPN accessible due to its massive network that is entirely RAM-based. However, one downside is that it lacks several functions that many people consider necessary. A specialized built-in malware blocker is an example of this.

Surfshark provides the most value for money, while not being the cheapest VPN. This is due to the fact that it allows for an infinite number of simultaneous device connections. Regrettably, because to its youth, it lacks a wide server network that allows you to connect to any place you choose.

Shield Against Hotspots has great unlocking and speed capabilities. What brings it down is its support for only one protocol, which is closed-source and proprietary. Using it, you can’t ever be certain that you’re completely safeguarded from government monitors and cybercriminals.

Access to the Internet in a Secure Environment is cheap, easy to use, and very secure. However, the service doesn’t work in China and has subpar unlocking capabilities. Using it, you’ll only be able to bypass a few streaming service libraries. Thus, it’s not the best choice for movie buffs.

VPNWhy Is It Beneficial to Firefox?Prices
logo nordvpnExcellent unlocking powers, a good Firefox plugin, and lightning-fast speeds Apps that work in China are excellent.$11.99/Month $6.99 per month (1-Year) $4.99 per month (2-Year) $3.49 per month (3-Year)


All subscriptions come with a 30-day money-back guarantee.

logo ExpressVPNTop-notch security, lightning-fast speeds, and outstanding unblocking skills Firefox addon that is simple to use. Employed in China$12.95 per month $9.99 per month (6 Months) $6.67 per month (15 Months)


All subscriptions come with a 30-day money-back guarantee.

logo SurfsharkFirefox addon that is simple to use. Fast download speeds, strong security features, an unlimited number of simultaneous connections, and excellent unblocking capabilities Employed in China$12.95/Month $6.49 per month (6 Months) $2.49 per month (2 Years)


All subscriptions come with a 30-day money-back guarantee.

logo Shield Against HotspotsHas a free version, amazing speeds, and excellent unlocking abilities7.99 dollars (1 Month Premium) 11.99$ (1 Month Premium Family) $12.99 per month (1-Year Premium) $19.99 per month (1-Year Premium Family)


All subscriptions come with a 45-day money-back guarantee.

logo pia vpnExcellent security, fantastic rates a simple Firefox add-on$9.50 (1 Month) $3.33 per month (1-Year) $2.69 per month (2-Years)


All subscriptions come with a 30-day money-back guarantee.

The “firefox free vpn add-on” is a Firefox VPN extension that provides users with an easy way to browse the internet securely. The add-on has been updated in March 2022 and was rated as one of the top 5 best VPNs for Firefox.

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