Mexico VPN: Best VPN for Mexico [2022]

With the Mexican Peso tanking and tensions with neighboring countries at an all-time high, many are looking to a VPN for safety. With that in mind, we’ve compiled a list of our top picks for Mexico VPNs so you can stay anonymous without being locked up by bureaucracy or harassed by law enforcement officials.

The “best free vpn for mexico server” is a VPN service that allows users to unblock websites and stay anonymous. The best part about this VPN service is that it is completely free.

Mexico is classified as “partly free” in terms of Internet freedom by Freedom on the Net. It has a poor score, especially in the area of Violation of Use Rights. When it comes to cyber security, our nation has flaws. According to Freedom on the Net, there have been instances of digital espionage technology misuse.

Furthermore, software has been used to spy on journalists, politicians, activists, and other public personalities. Because of the misuse of monitoring and risks to internet security, it is important to safeguard your privacy by using a VPN.

Here are some of the finest VPNs for Mexico that come highly recommended:

In Mexico, why would you need a VPN?

Mexico Flag

For the purpose of streaming

Mexico’s local library contains a number of Netflix titles. However, it’s possible that what you wish to view is only accessible in catalogs from other locations. If you want to watch a Netflix series that is only available in the United States, you’ll need to use a VPN to get around geo-restrictions. You need a quick and dependable service that will not disrupt your broadcast or provide you with low-resolution footage.

To Download Torrents

There are no laws forbidding downloads via a torrent client in Mexico. It is legal to download anything available through torrents. While you will not face charges To Download Torrents, using a VPN will ensure your security and prevent any spies from tracking your online activities.

Security and Privacy

When it comes to cyberattacks, Mexico’s network is vulnerable. Harassment may take many forms, including hijacking and malware attacks. To protect yourself from hackers and spies, you should use a VPN to disguise your IP address. Third-party security risks may be avoided by using a VPN with a no-log policy.

In 2022, what are the best VPNs for Mexico?

1. NordVPN

Unlimited Bandwidth

Unblock Netflix

Kill Switch

Support Bitcoin

NordVPN Plans

1 Month Plan $11.99/month

1-year Plan $4.99/month

2-year Plan $3.99/month

 30-day money-back guarantee

Get 68% OFF!

NordVPN offers 5,000 servers across 60 countries, according to Netflix. With this many servers in various places, you can easily get around geo-restrictions. You may connect to a server in your area, such as the United States, or as far away as Japan, and still get high-definition results. You are not need to go to another nation in order to access its content collection. While in Mexico, NordVPN can simply perform the job for you.

Torrenting: NordVPN can easily provide you with a comfortable P2P file sharing solution because to its limitless bandwidth and speed. While not all of its servers are specialized for P2P, it guarantees that torrenting is possible on all of them and even recommends the best ones for a better experience.

Security and Privacy: There are issues of malware attacks in Mexico. NordVPN can protect you from those kinds of attacks with its ad and malware blockers. Moreover, it uses strong encryption for more powerful security. It also engages its subscribers to report any vulnerabilities of its service through its bug bounty program.

NordVPN is available for $11.95 per month as a subscription. This subscription may be used on up to six devices. If you find this service provider to be suitable for your requirements, you can save money by signing up for one of its annual plans.

2. ExpressVPN

Unlimited Bandwidth

Unblock Netflix

Allow P2P

Support Bitcoin

ExpressVPN Plans

1 Month Plan $12.95/month

6 Month Plan $9.99/month

15 Month Plan $6.66/month

 30-day money-back guarantee

Get 49% OFF!

ExpressVPN offers over 3,000 servers in 94 different countries, according to Netflix. Without a doubt, it provides you with a large number of international Netflix libraries to choose from. You can view high-quality films without interruptions because to its limitless bandwidth. You can connect from anywhere in the world and still have a fantastic streaming experience.

Torrenting: Some of the servers of ExpressVPN are optimized To Download Torrents. It hides your actual IP address, protects you from leaks, and has unlimited speed and bandwidth. You will be able to use torrents fastly and securely.

Security and Privacy: RAM servers are one of the things that give ExpressVPN an edge above other VPNs in the market. No need to worry about data logs because these servers are incapable of keeping them once you turn off your device. But do take note that ExpressVPN lacks a malware blocker and other additional features.

Pricing: A single membership costs $12.95 per month and covers up to five devices. It is more costly than similar services. This is a wonderful VPN option, however if you’re on a budget, you may want to check into other possibilities.

3. Surfshark

Unlimited Bandwidth

Unblock Netflix

Unlimited Connection

Support Bitcoin

Surfshark Plans

1-Month Plan $12.95/month

1-year Plan $3.99/month

2-year Plan $2.49/month

 30-day money-back guarantee

Get 81% OFF!

When it comes to overcoming geo-restrictions, Netflix: Surfshark does not disappoint. It has 3,200 servers in 60 countries, making it simple to access Netflix libraries from all over the globe. It also excels in terms of speed, allowing you to enjoy high-quality, continuous broadcasts.

Torrenting: Surfshark’s servers were built with peer-to-peer (P2P) in mind. It’s quick, so there won’t be any delays in downloading. It protects you from leaks and stops hackers from snooping on your torrenting behavior.

Security and Privacy: One of the strongest points of Surfshark is its RAM-based servers. It does not store any of your information once you disconnect from the servers. This VPN service also has a MultiHop that “ties” two or more servers for added security. Another strength of Surfshark is its unlimited simultaneous connections, letting you secure as many devices as you want.

For $12.95, you may encrypt an unlimited number of devices at the same time. It has RAM servers, a fast connection, and excellent security measures, so it is well worth your money. It also comes with a money-back guarantee of 30 days.

4. CyberGhost

Unlimited Bandwidth

Unblock Netflix

Kill Switch

7900+ Server

Cyberghost Plans

1 Month Plan $12.99/ month

1-year Plan $3.95/ month

2-year Plan $3.15/ month

3-year Plan $2.15/ month

 30-day money-back guarantee

Get 82% OFF!

Netflix: There’s no doubt that CyberGhost’s 6,000 servers in 88 places can assist you in accessing various Netflix collections from across the globe. However, there may be problems with the quality. Your connection may slow down due to the large number of servers.

Torrenting: CyberGhost permits torrenting on all of its servers, however for the greatest experience, utilize its desktop programs. It effectively masks your genuine internet data, allowing you to utilize torrent clients without fear.

Security and Privacy: This VPN uses SHA-256 Hash Authentication, AES 256-bit (military-grade encryption), and 4096-bit RSA Key Exchange. It further secures its users with VPN protocols that vary depending on your operating system. CyberGhost also has additional features like Secret Photo Vault for iOS, NoSpy Server, and Data Compression for Android.

CyberGhost costs $12.99 per month, but you may save a lot more if you sign up for the two-year plan. If you pick this plan, you may get a savings of up to 83 percent.

5. Internet Access with Confidentiality (PIA)

Unlimited Bandwidth

Bypass Geo-Restriction

Kill Switch

Support Bitcoin


1 Month Plan $9.95/month

1-year Plan $3.33/month

2-year Plan $3.29/month

 30-day money-back guarantee

Get 67% OFF!

While Private Internet Access may allow you to watch low-resolution films in the midst of your Netflix stream, it may surely assist you in accessing libraries in other countries. It has 3,300 servers all around the globe, allowing you to choose the best one for a Netflix broadcast.

Torrenting is allowed on all of this VPN provider’s servers. It keeps you anonymous as you share files, preventing hackers from monitoring your activities.

Security and Privacy: Apart from the fact that Private Internet Access is located in the USA (Five Eyes member), it is secure. It promises a no-logs policy and plans to change its servers into volatile memory servers.

Private Internet Access is available for $9.95 per month. Its monthly membership is already reasonable, but you may get a better deal if you sign up for one of its longer-term plans.

Criteria for Ranking

As Mexico has a weak defense against cyberattacks, it is important to have a VPN that has powerful security. It should declare a no-logs policy, keep you anonymous, and protect you from any leaks. A good VPN should also be reliable when it comes to torrenting, preferably a service with unlimited bandwidth. It should also be able to unblock geo-restrictions For the purpose of streaming.

Putting It All Together

It’s critical to have a thorough understanding of each VPN. Let’s have a look at their offerings in the diagram below for a better understanding:

VPNWhy Is It Beneficial to Mexico?Price ranges (in USD)
logo nordvpnStreams Netflix in high-definition. It’s ideal for peer-to-peer (P2P) file sharing. Maintains a stable and secure connection$11.95/month One-year subscription ($4.92/month) Two years at $3.67 per month


Money-back guarantee for 30 days

logo expressvpnIt offers a fantastic streaming experience. P2P servers have been optimized. RAM servers are available.$12.95/month Six-month subscription ($9.99/month) a year ($8.32 per month)


Money-back guarantee for 30 days

logo surfsharkProvides unrestricted bandwidth and speed. Has servers with volatile memory For extra security, MultiHop is included.1 month (at $12.95 per month) $6.49 each month for six months Two years at $2.49 per month


Money-back guarantee for 30 days

logo cyberghostHas a large volume of servers Provides military-grade encryption Can be used To Download Torrents$12.99/month Money-back guarantee for 14 days


One-year subscription ($3.99/month) Two years at $3.49 per month $3.25 each month for three years Money-back guarantee for 45 days

logo pia vpnOn its servers, torrenting is permitted. Subscription options that are affordable Unblocks Netflix material that is geo-restricted.1 month (at a cost of $9.50 per month) One-year subscription ($3.33/month) Two years at $2.19 per month


Money-back guarantee for 30 days

The “vpn mexico free chrome” is a VPN service that gives users access to the internet with no restrictions in Mexico. The service has been around for over 10 years and has been rated as one of the best VPN services in Mexico.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which VPN is best for Mexico?

A: The best VPNs for Mexico are ExpressVPN and NordVPN. They provide the highest amount of speed, while being able to bypass most internet censorship in Mexico.

How do I get a Mexican VPN?

A: A Mexican VPN is a virtual private network, which allows you to connect to the internet from another country. There are many different companies that offer these services, but we recommend NordVPN as they have been in business for over 10 years and provide high-quality service.

Is there a VPN for Mexico?

A: Yes, there are many VPNs for Mexico.

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