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Virtual Private Networks (VPN) has been on the rise in the last year, and now they’re also becoming popular among experienced gostream alternatives. The VPN is a great way to access any website online with your computer – it’s completely anonymous and secure. Many of us would be able to say that this is safer […]

IPV6 refers to Internet Protocol version 6, the newest version of the Internet protocol. The major advantages of the upgraded version include the ability to do video on the Internet at higher resolutions and it’s ability to handle streaming media as well. This new Internet protocol can also be used to have a personal computer […]

This article seeks to clarify what is VPN. It will be useful in discussing various types of VPN service providers, their offerings and comparing different options on the market. The reader is left with a clearer understanding of VPN and the best way to use it to avoid identity theft. What is VPN? It is […]

IPVanish is an antivirus software that is programmed to work automatically when you turn on your computer. This software has been proven to work for more than one thousand of users, all around the world. The antivirus and active program that is installed in the computer will always have a backup of the complete data. […]

VPN services that are available to the public can usually be shared between free and paid services. Free services generally limit the data quota or speed that you can use. Therefore, if a VPN is a necessity, you should upgrade to a paid service. Whether it’s free or paid, in general, you should pay attention […]

Be it when downloading or just for just browsing, users will tend to feel more secure when they use the VPN. Not only that, for those who often use WiFi connections, Hotspots or other types of public networks, using a VPN is also often a mainstay to improve one’s privacy security or for a group. […]

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