CyberGhost Torrenting [2022 ]: uTorrent, qBittorrent, Bittorrent, Vuze, Deluge

CyberGhost is a VPN service with servers in more than 60 countries. More importantly, it has built its reputation on the power of encryption and anonymity for users who want to stay anonymous when downloading torrents. Using CyberGhost’s services does not require any technical knowledge so that even those without experience can download movies, TV shows or games effortlessly.

Yes. For torrenting, CyberGhost is quite popular. It is secure to use and has the most extensive network of any VPN. That However, the service’s network capacity isn’t the only feature that makes it ideal for torrenting. 

These are my thoughts on the benefits and drawbacks of using CyberGhost with torrents:

Has a large number of peer-to-peer (P2P) servers.The majority of security features are platform-dependent.
Numerous distinguishing characteristicsIn China, it doesn’t function.
Applications that are simple to use 
Large-scale server network

Does CyberGhost support peer-to-peer (P2P) torrenting?

Yes. On CyberGhost’s network, torrenting is permitted. It features a large number of P2P servers that allow for secure downloading. Furthermore, for the purpose of convenience, it includes these servers in its desktop apps. 

If anything, using the VPN service’s network to download copyrighted or restricted information is discouraged. Of course, this should come as no surprise, given every one of its closest rivals can say the same.

How to Download Torrents with CyberGhost

1. Download and install CyberGhost. 

install CyberGhost

You must first establish a user account and then purchase CyberGhost before installing it. After that, go to the provider’s website and download the native app for your device. Because all of CyberGhost’s programs are memory-light, downloading should be quick.

You must then install the program when it has been downloaded. This procedure is carried out automatically by most operating systems. However, you may need to do things on your own at times. But don’t fret; app installation is simple today and can be done by almost anybody.

2. Launch CyberGhost prior to launching your torrent client.

Always launch your VPN’s software before your torrent client. Hackers and other sorts of cybercriminals may get access to your information if you do so. Keep in mind that, particularly when it comes to the internet, being safe is always preferable than being sorry.

3. Turn on the kill switch.

CyberGhost kill switch

When you first run the CyberGhost software on your computer, click to the settings menu and turn on the provider’s automatic kill switch, which is off by default. Before starting a download session, be sure you accomplish this. You will not be sorry if you do.

A kill switch is a security mechanism that protects your personal information from being exposed by mistake. It works by disconnecting your device’s internet access if your VPN connection is interrupted. It may be a lifeline for people who have an unstable ISP.

4. Join the CyberGhost Peer-to-Peer (P2P) Server

CyberGhost servers

Choose from the various P2P servers listed on CyberGhost’s app after your VPN’s kill switch has been engaged. Connect your device to the one you choose. If at all feasible, use a server that is near to your location since it is more likely to be quicker.

5. Check for Leaks

CyberGhost leak test

After connecting to a CyberGhost P2P server, be careful to check for leaks. This may be done on a variety of websites. However, I strongly advise you to utilize, which is unquestionably the finest. Do not continue if your IP address is detected during the torrenting leak test. Instead, connect to another server, since this frequently solves the issue.

Don’t proceed if still manages to find your genuine IP address. In this case, the best option is to just switch to a different VPN service that does not leak.

6. Open a torrent client and begin downloading torrents.

You may begin downloading the stuff you desire after all goes according to plan and CyberGhost does not leak. Select a magnet link from your favourite source in your torrent software. It’s important to remember that torrenting takes time and that your VPN should never be turned off.

Is CyberGhost a Good and Safe P2P Torrenting Alternative?

Yes. Because it is situated in Romania, CyberGhost is ideal for downloading torrents in addition to not leaking and having a large number of P2P servers. There are no copyright or privacy rules that prevent it from running freely. Nothing can prevent it from protecting your privacy.

Security Features, No Logs Policy

CyberGhost adheres to a strict no-logs policy that stops it from sharing any of your personal information. It should be emphasized, however, that the VPN has not been independently inspected. It has also yet to make the switch to RAM-based servers, which are incapable of keeping logs.

CyberGhost, as previously stated, has the biggest server network of any VPN. The service is available in over 7000 places throughout the world. In reality, it has a strong presence in countries like China, which are notoriously hostile to VPNs.

In addition to a kill switch, CyberGhost has its own ad & malware blocker that’ll protect you from intrusive pop-ups when browsing torrent sites. Moreover, it also maintains other features such as split tunneling, dedicated IP, a password manager, and NoSpy servers.

Unfortunately, despite its vast network, CyberGhost is unable to circumvent China’s Great Firewall. As a result, it’s not the best VPN service provider to use if you want to torrent in China or anyplace else where the internet is heavily censored.

Capabilities for quickness

My experience with CyberGhost has always been positive due in large part to the VPN service’s Capabilities for quickness. While it is not the fastest provider around, it has never made my connection painfully slow. Thanks to that, everything from gaming to downloading torrents was pretty much seamless and hassle-free.

Simultaneous Connections, Compatibility

CyberGhost is compatible with the following platforms:

  1. Windows
  2. macOS
  3. Android
  4. iOS
  5. Linux
  6. Chrome
  7. Firefox
  8. Tor
  9. Routers that have been chosen

As previously stated, CyberGhost is compatible with almost every major operating system. It also includes Chrome and Firefox plugins and may be used in conjunction with the Tor browser. The service also has router compatibility, allowing members to use it with any device that can connect to the internet.

A maximum of 10 simultaneous connections are allowed by CyberGhost. Apart from that, it’s fully compatible with Vuze, Deluge, BitTorrent, uTorrent, qBittorrent, and other torrent clients. In addition, and every other popular torrent client.


CyberGhost’s pricing and planning methods have recently enhanced. The service was substantially more costly until a few months ago. It also includes plans that are less adaptable. Fortunately, things have improved, and today, anybody may get it.

The following is a list of CyberGhost’s plans and prices:

Lengths of Subscriptions$12.99/Month
 1 year (3.99 per month)
 2 years at $3.49 per month
 Three years ($2.25 per month)
The Most Expensive Month$12.99
Lowest Monthly Rate$2.42
Price for a year$47.88
Special PromotionSpecial Promotion: 3 months free after buying a 3-year subscription

Absolutely a limited time, you may test CyberGhost for free. If you want to use the VPN for a longer period of time with no risks, you may buy a subscription and then request a refund. For 1-month memberships, there is a 7-day money-back promise, and for all other subscriptions, there is a 45-day money-back guarantee.

Putting Everything Together

CyberGhost is one of the best VPN solutions for torrenting. Besides being very safe, it also boasts a large network that consists of many P2P servers. Furthermore, the service boasts many useful security features and has decent Capabilities for quickness.

CyberGhost has amazing apps for all platforms. They’re better on the desktop, however, since only the service’s desktop programs identify which P2P servers may be utilized.

The only disadvantage I can think of with CyberGhost is its inability to function in China. Unfortunately, the service is unable to circumvent the Great Firewall, so anybody hoping to use it to download torrents in the nation would be out of luck.

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