ExpressVPN vs PIA (Private Internet Access) [2022]: Speed, Netflix, Firestick, China, Etc

ExpressVPN and PIA are two of the most popular VPNs in the world, with over 1 million users. ExpressVPN has a more user-friendly interface but is also known to be slower than PIA. Which one should gamers choose?

ExpressVPN vs PIA is a comparison of two VPNs for speed, Netflix, Firestick, China, and more. Read more in detail here: expressvpn vs nordvpn netflix reddit.

ExpressVPN is one of the finest VPN services available. As a result, it’s often compared to Access to the Internet in a Secure Environment (PIA), another industry leader. Both are wonderful services that provide the highest level of internet security available. There is, however, a reason why ExpressVPN is regarded as superior.

In this article, we’ll compare and contrast the two services, examining all of their peculiarities and characteristics. You’ll know all there is to know about them by the time you’ve done reading. So, without further ado, let’s get started!

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The first step will be to acquire a general idea of what each VPN offers its users. The following is a basic table that compares them:

 1648575488_671_Android-TV-VPN-Best-VPN-for-Android-TV-Box-2022 Access to the Internet in a Secure Environment1648575509_783_Android-VPN-Best-VPN-for-Android-March-2022 ExpressVPN
Policy on LoggingLogging is not permitted.Logging is not permitted.
JurisdictionThe United States of America (Five-Eyes Member)The British Virgin Islands are located in the Caribbean.
Encryption4096-bit RSA Key Exchange AES-256 AES-128 SHA-256 Hash Authentication4096-bit RSA Key Exchange with AES-256 SHA-212 Hash Authentication
ProtocolsUDP OpenVPN WireGuard OpenVPN TCP IPSec/L2TPUDP OpenVPN TCP IPSec/IKEv2 IPSec/L2TP Lightway Protocol OpenVPN TCP IPSec/IKEv2 (Beta)
Adblockers and anti-malware softwareYesNo
On/Off switchYesYes, indeed (Except iOS)
Tests for LeaksThere were no leaks discovered.There were no leaks discovered.
Tests of SpeedSlowFast
Torrenting & P2PYes, indeed (On All Servers)Yes, indeed (On All Servers)
StreamingNetflix Hulu Firestick Amazon Prime KodiNetflix Amazon Prime is a subscription service that allows you to BBC iPlayer Hulu Firestick Roku is a streaming media player (Via Router) Kodi Apple TV is a device that allows you to watch (Via DNS or Router) Android Television (Android TV)
GamingiOS and Android on Windows Xbox One is a video game console that was released (Via Router) PS4 is a game console that was released in (Via Router) Nintendo Switch is a game console that was released in (Via Router)iOS and Android on Windows Xbox One is a video game console that was released (Via DNS or Router) PS4 is a game console that was released in (Via DNS or Router) Nintendo Switch is a game console that was released in (Via DNS or Router)
CompatibilityAndroid iOS Android iOS Android iOS Android iOS Android iOS Android iOS Android iOS Android iOS Android iOS Android Chrome Firefox Opera Selected by Tor RoutersChromebook Chromebook Chromebook Chromebook Chromebook Chromebook Chromebook Chromebook Chromebook Chromebook Chromebook Chrome Chrome Firefox Selected by Tor Routers
Simultaneous Connections are when two or more things happen at the same time. are when two or more things happen at the same time.105
ChinaOn occasion (1 Out of 3 Servers Worked)Yes
Tunneling in Two PartsYesYes
Features Not IncludedPIA MACENo Features Not Included

$9.95/Month $3.33 per month (1-Year) $2.69 per month (2-Years)

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$12.95 per month $9.99 per month (6 Months) $8.32 each month (1-Year)

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Our Opinion4.24.8

There are several factors that distinguish one from the other. To fully comprehend any VPN, it is necessary to delve into depth. I’ll break things up by category and give each round a winner.

Privacy & Security

The first step will be to compare the security measures used by ExpressVPN and PIA. This is, without a doubt, the most significant category. After all, a service that does not give privacy and security to its consumers is meaningless.

One can say that Access to the Internet in a Secure Environment is greatly disadvantaged. It’s because it’s based in the United States. Consequently, it has to follow restrictive privacy and copyright laws. The VPN must comply with the legal system or else risk being shut down.

Fortunately, PIA’s reputation has not been harmed. Despite its limitations, it has been able to keep its users safe. Authorities have attempted to get information from it on two occasions but have been unsuccessful. It also submits to independent audits on a regular basis to demonstrate its reliability.

With everything out of the way, let’s take a deeper look at each of the two VPNs’ security features.

Comparison of Encryption

Users may get the finest encryption on the market with ExpressVPN and PIA. Both use the military-grade AES-256 cryptography with a 4096 handshake. The difference between them is that PIA uses SHA-256 hash authentication whereas ExpressVPN uses SHA-212.

Protocols for Virtual Private Networks

PIA and ExpressVPN employ all of the current encryption standards. It’s important to note, however, that PIA only supports IKEv2 on its iOS app.

ExpressVPN, on the other hand, does not offer WireGuard, the most recent and powerful encryption available. The service compensates for this by supporting the Lightway Protocol.

Protection Against Leaks

As mentioned, PIA subjects itself to independent audits. Meanwhile, it’s said that ExpressVPN conducts its own. Both of them offer DNS and IP address Protection Against Leaks along with an automatic On/Off switch.

While all of this sounds fantastic on paper, I wanted to test whether or not both VPNs could really protect me. As a result, I used to run testing.

Take a look at the following findings after I did a test without using any VPN:

1648576317_772_CyberGhost-vs-Surfshark-March-2022-Speed-Netflix-Firestick-China-Etc No VPN IP Leak Test

Here’s what happened when I partnered with PIA’s Singapore server:

ExpressVPN-vs-PIA-Private-Internet-Access-March-2022-Speed-Netflix PIA Singapore conducts an IP Leak Test.

Take a look at what happened once I connected to ExpressVPN’s Hong Kong server:

1648576908_390_ExpressVPN-vs-PIA-Private-Internet-Access-March-2022-Speed-Netflix ExpressVPN Hong Kong IP Leak Test

Neither VPN passed my testing, as expected. My IP address was easily hidden by the two, verifying their assertions. With both, I’m certain that intruders won’t be able to discover my genuine IP address and use it to damage me.

Server Safety

ExpressVPN is unique in that it operates all of its servers in RAM-disk mode. As a result, logs cannot be saved on them. PIA does not currently operate its servers in RAM-disk mode, but has said that they want to do so in the future. Instead, it employs WireGuard, probably the finest encryption available.

Final Thoughts

I choose ExpressVPN because it runs all its servers in RAM-disk mode. Furthermore, it’s based in The British Virgin Islands are located in the Caribbean., which puts it outside the Five Eyes Jurisdiction. That means the VPN doesn’t have to follow hindering copyright and privacy laws.

Test your speed

ExpressVPN has been commended for its speed. It’s regarded for being one of the quickest services, making it excellent for a variety of activities. The same cannot be true about PIA, which is not known for its speed.

I wanted to know what each service could do, so I put them to the test. Check out my base connection before we look at the results:

1648576909_625_ExpressVPN-vs-PIA-Private-Internet-Access-March-2022-Speed-Netflix Test your speed – No VPN

The impact of PIA’s Singapore server was as follows:

1648576909_3_ExpressVPN-vs-PIA-Private-Internet-Access-March-2022-Speed-Netflix Test your speed – PIA Singapore

After switching to ExpressVPN’s Hong Kong server, here’s what happened:

1648576910_992_ExpressVPN-vs-PIA-Private-Internet-Access-March-2022-Speed-Netflix Test your speed – ExpressVPN Hong Kong

As you can see, there is a significant difference between the two. PIA slowed down my connection to the point that it was virtually useless. ExpressVPN, on the other hand, performed an excellent job of preserving my internet speed. The ping improved much further, which astonished me.

Torrenting & P2P

I wanted to investigate whether PIA and ExpressVPN could keep torrenting leaks at bay. The only way to know for sure was to conduct a test. Let’s start with the results of my tests without any services running:

1648576320_820_CyberGhost-vs-Surfshark-March-2022-Speed-Netflix-Firestick-China-Etc No VPN Torrenting Leak Test

This is what happened after I connected to Access to the Internet in a Secure Environment’ server in Singapore:

1648576911_912_ExpressVPN-vs-PIA-Private-Internet-Access-March-2022-Speed-Netflix PIA Singapore conducts a torrenting leak test.

After switching to ExpressVPN’s Hong Kong server, these are the results:

1648576912_28_ExpressVPN-vs-PIA-Private-Internet-Access-March-2022-Speed-Netflix ExpressVPN Hong Kong Torrenting Leak Test

My IP address was not masked by any of the services. As a result, I have great confidence in them for all of my torrenting requirements.

It was difficult to choose a winner since both VPNs were able to protect my privacy. But, since ExpressVPN is the faster of the two, I ultimately chose it. I’ll be able to complete torrenting sessions in no time if I have it.


For many VPN users, streaming is a key priority. As a result, this is a crucial category. ExpressVPN’s streaming capabilities have received nothing but praise. The VPN is believed to be capable of evading practically any service’s geoblocks. Furthermore, it does it in full resolution and with no buffering.

In contrast, many have claimed that Access to the Internet in a Secure Environment is no good for streaming. The VPN almost always fails to work around geoblocks. Additionally, its limited speed means that streaming in HD without buffering is next to impossible.


No other streaming platform comes close to Netflix in popularity. Due to that, I had to see if both VPNs could access its libraries. The first service that I tested was Access to the Internet in a Secure Environment and its New York Server. My title of choice was Spotlight:

ExpressVPN-vs-PIA-Private-Internet-Access-March-2022-Speed-Netflix PIA – Netflix PIA – Netflix PIA – Netflix PIA

The next step was to test the capabilities of ExpressVPN’s US server:

1648576914_589_ExpressVPN-vs-PIA-Private-Internet-Access-March-2022-Speed-Netflix Netflix in the United States – ExpressVPN

In my testing, both services performed well. As predicted, PIA’s performance was poor since it was unable to broadcast in high quality. The VPN did, however, manage to load the video without any buffering.

ExpressVPN performed well since I had no problems with the service’s quality. Aside from that, the service streamed without buffering. Because of these factors, I am forced to name it the winner in this category.


Aside from streaming, many VPN users place a high value on gaming. You’ll be safe throughout every session if you choose the proper provider. Furthermore, players will be able to connect to distant game servers and play with additional individuals.

My experience with Access to the Internet in a Secure Environment wasn’t good. I played several matches on Mobile Legends and Call of Duty while connected to its Singapore server. All of which suffered from lagging that rendered the game nearly unplayable.

After moving to ExpressVPN’s Hong Kong server, I had a much better experience. The VPN’s speed provided me with a significant edge. The lag was still there, but it was just occasional and not game-breaking. I was able to win the bulk of my bouts as a result of this.


You, like me, are probably someone who utilizes a variety of devices with various operating systems. It would be a pity if your VPN wasn’t compatible with all of them. Fortunately, both PIA and ExpressVPN are compatible with a wide range of devices.

See the table below to see which services are compatible with each other:

 ExpressVPNAccess to the Internet in a Secure Environment
TorYes, indeed (Not on Mobile)Yes
Routers that have been chosenYesYes

Except for Chromebook, PIA provides applications for every mainstream platform. ExpressVPN, on the other hand, does not offer an Opera browser plugin. Most smart TV systems are compatible with the VPN, which compensates for this. It also comes with a Kindle Fire app.

The victor in this round of ExpressVPN vs PIA is ExpressVPN because of its wider Compatibility with smart TVs. Furthermore, it also boasts an app for Kindle Fire, while Access to the Internet in a Secure Environment does not.

Simultaneous Connections are when two or more things happen at the same time. are when two or more things happen at the same time.

ExpressVPN allows users to connect up to five devices at once under one account. Many other VPN providers in the business provide this benefit. It isn’t really noteworthy, especially when considering the expense of a membership.

In contrast, PIA stands out by letting you concurrently use 10 devices with a single account. Only a few other competitors allow for so many Simultaneous Connections are when two or more things happen at the same time. are when two or more things happen at the same time.. Due to that, it’s safe to say that the service offers your tremendous value for your money. Thus, PIA is the winner in this Access to the Internet in a Secure Environment vs ExpressVPN round.


A VPN’s ability to mask your IP address is aided by having more servers. As a result, a service with a broader network is preferable. However, both ExpressVPN and PIA have a sizable server network that deserves to be lauded. Nonetheless, there can only be one winner in this category.

Globally, ExpressVPN has over 3000 RAM-disk mode servers. Each may be accessed with a single click. Apart from that, they’re all P2P-compatible, so you won’t have to switch to a P2P-friendly server before torrenting.

PIA, which has over 3300 servers throughout the globe, is the winner. They’re all P2P-enabled, just like their competitor’s. However, none of them are running in RAM-disk mode since PIA’s network has yet to be upgraded. However, given the VPN has declared a complete switch shortly, it’s just a matter of time until that occurs.


The Chinese government has implemented a set of filtering mechanisms known as the Great Firewall of China. Only the finest VPNs will be able to get around it consistently. As a result, a service’s capacity to is a significant indicator of its quality.

According to reports, PIA is not suitable for usage in China. It can occasionally get across the Great Firewall, but it typically fails. This puts it at a disadvantage when compared to ExpressVPN, which claims to be China’s preferred VPN.

ExpressVPN’s success in China is due to a technology known as obfuscation. The VPN hides its server code and makes anomalous web traffic invisible by using it.

My winner in this round of ExpressVPN vs Access to the Internet in a Secure Environment is ExpressVPN. No other service on the market bypasses the Great Firewall as reliably as it does. Even when compared to other VPNs like NordVPN or Surfshark, it proves to be superior.

Interface & Usability

The applications from PIA are really easy to use, which is fantastic. When you first open it, you’ll find a giant button. It connects you to the closest major server or the last one you used when you press it. There’s a fast connect option below that, where you may choose from five of the most popular servers.

1648576914_115_ExpressVPN-vs-PIA-Private-Internet-Access-March-2022-Speed-Netflix PIA Interface is a program that allows you to interact with your

A three-dot symbol at the top of the screen directs you to the settings. When you open it, you’ll be sent to a new page where you may change the VPN settings. The opportunity to pick a dark or bright look for the VPN is a nice added feature.

ExpressVPN also features a simple app that is simple to use. The first thing you’ll see is a connect button. The smart location and recent location tabs are underneath. One connects you to the nearest suggested server, while the other connects you to the one you previously used.

1648576915_108_ExpressVPN-vs-PIA-Private-Internet-Access-March-2022-Speed-Netflix Interface of ExpressVPN

Access to the settings is on the top left corner. Click on the three-line icon, and it’ll open up to show you VPN locations, a Test your speed, options, and a help & support tab.

Each service has a set of simple applications that are a delight to use. However, I like ExpressVPN since PIA’s Windows software shrinks to the system tray automatically when another application is opened. This bothered me since I had to continually re-opening it, which was inconvenient.

Features Not Included

PIA features an ad blocker called PIA MACE, which is a good supplementary function. It isn’t perfect, but it provides a new level of security. It will be extremely handy to those like myself who like downloading random torrents. After all, the last thing anybody wants is a virus to invade their computer.

Unfortunately, ExpressVPN has no built-in ad blocker. Split-tunneling (available exclusively on PIA’s desktop applications) is a function that allows you to disclose your genuine IP address to certain websites and apps. When you’re speaking with your employer or dealing with a service that needs your true location, this function comes in useful.

Since both VPNs have great Features Not Included, there’ll be no winner in this category. The score in our PIA vs ExpressVPN will have to even out in another round.

Tie for first place

Customer Service

I was unaware that I needed to connect into ExpressVPN’s website in order to download their applications, so I contacted customer care. The chat operator that helped me was quite efficient. She provided me with a thorough response to my query.

PIA also provides a live chat feature. Unfortunately, it is only available to paying clients. As a result, anybody interested in learning more about the service is out of luck. However, I had a positive experience with PIA’s chat support service.

To see what each VPN offers when it comes to Customer Service, refer to the table under:

 Access to the Internet in a Secure EnvironmentExpressVPN
Live ChatYesYes
Email Customer ServiceYesYes
Support over the phoneNoNo
Ticket AssistanceYesYes
Video InstructionsNoYes
Knowledge Base on the InternetYesYes
Average Time to RespondTime: 39 minutes45-minute time limit

The winner here is ExpressVPN because it has a wider Knowledge Base on the Internet. Additionally, the VPN has many video guides available to help you out. PIA has got no such thing and relies on write-ups with screenshots.


Check out the chart below to find which VPN is the most affordable:

 ExpressVPNAccess to the Internet in a Secure Environment
Lengths of SubscriptionsMonth-to-Month ($12.95/Month)Month-to-Month ($9.95/Month)
 6-Month Subscription ($9.99/Month)$3.33/month for a year
 15 months at $8.32 per month$2.69/month for 2 years
The Most Expensive Month$12.95$9.95
Lowest Monthly Rate$8.32$2.69
Price for a year$99.95 (12-Month + 3-Month)$39.96
Guaranteed Money-Back30 Days30 Days
Special PromotionWith a one-year subscription, you’ll get three months free.73 percent off a two-year plan + two months free

As can be seen from the table above, PIA is the less expensive option. Its price is among the most competitive in the business. The VPN is ideal for those who seek a decent enough service without having to spend a lot of money.

If you wish to try both services out without risks, they have a 30-day Guaranteed Money-Back.


Is ExpressVPN a Better Alternative to PIA?

ExpressVPN is better than PIA in many ways. It doesn’t fall under Five Eyes Jurisdiction, making it more secure. The service is also way faster, giving it an advantage for gaming, streaming, and torrenting. Moreover, it’s got better Compatibility and Customer Service. Lastly, it bypasses the Great Firewall of China with ease.

I’m not implying that PIA is a poor VPN service. It’s fantastic since it provides a superb collection of features at a cheap price. Regrettably, it has been surpassed by a rival who seems to tick all the necessary boxes.

ExpressVPN vs PIA (Private Internet Access) is a comparison of two VPN services. The “expressvpn vs private internet access reddit” article provides the reader with information about speed, Netflix, Firestick, China, and more.

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