IPVanish Review [2022]

IPVanish is one of the most trusted providers on the market, with over 500 million users across 200+ countries. With a focus on privacy and high-speed connections throughout its network, IPVanish has earned an impressive reputation in VPN circles to say the least.

NordVPN is a VPN service that has been around for quite some time. They have a lot of experience and are really good at what they do. The “nordvpn reviews 2022” will help you decide if NordVPN is right for you.

VPNs aren’t all made equal. Some are more popular because they are better than others. IPVanish is one of the industry’s major players. To comprehend why it is so well-received, we must go into the intricacies.

In this IPVanish review, we’ll go through all of the service’s features. We’ll also look at its download speed, torrenting, streaming, gaming, and unblocking features. You’ll know whether or not this VPN is worth your time and money by the conclusion of this post.

What exactly is IPVanish? It’s a virtual private network (VPN) service that focuses on entire online security and privacy. Because of its many web marketing, the service has become rather well-known in recent years. It is the preferred VPN of many experts and casual users.

Here are my thoughts on IPVanish’s drawbacks and significant selling points:

There are no limits on how many devices may be paired together.Connection speeds are slow.
Excellent client serviceThere are no browser extensions available.
P2P network with full functionalityIn China, it doesn’t function.
Most geoblocks are impossible to get through.


Here’s a full rundown of everything IPVanish offers to offer:

 logo ipvanish IPVanish
Policy on LoggingLogging is not permitted.
JurisdictionUnited States of America (Five-Eyes Member)
Adblockers and anti-malware softwareNo
On/Off switchYes
Tests for LeaksThere were no leaks discovered.
Tests of SpeedSlow
Torrenting & P2PYes, indeed (On All Servers)
StreamingNetflix Roku Hulu Firestick (Via Router) Kodi Apple TV is a device that allows you to watch (Via Router) Android Television (Android TV)
GamingiOS and Android on Windows Xbox One is a video game console that was released (Via Router) PS4 is a game console that was released in (Via Router) Nintendo Switch is a game console that was released in (Via Router)
CompatibilityChromebook Chromebook Chromebook Chromebook Chromebook Chromebook Chromebook Chromebook Chromebook Chromebook Chromebook Chrome Routers Selected by Tor
Simultaneous Connections are when two or more things happen at the same time. are when two or more things happen at the same time.Unlimited
Tunneling in Two PartsYes, indeed (On Android Only)
Features Not IncludedScramble Option

Monthly fee of $9.99 ($3.49 for the first month) $31.49 for the first year, then $89.99 every year after that)

Our Opinion3.9

Privacy & Security

When it comes to a VPN, nothing is more vital than security and privacy. As a result, these two topics will be discussed first.

Where is IPVanish Based & Who Owns It?

IPVanish was launched in 2012 by Mudhook Media. J2 Global, a big publicly listed technology business, presently owns it. The company’s headquarters are located in the United States. As a result, it must adhere to the Five Eyes Alliance’s severe copyright and privacy restrictions.

Due to IPVanish’s flaws, it has been entangled in a controversy. According to a Reddit post, the VPN handed up private user data to US authorities to assist with an ongoing criminal investigation. As a result, the VPN violated its own no-logs policy.

IPVanish’s image was harmed as a result of the scandal. Many people have lost faith in the service once it was disclosed.

Encryption & Protocols Used

IPVanish VPN employs military-grade AES 256-bit encryption, as do the majority of VPN providers. There has been no information released about the VPN’s hash authentication and handshake.

Standard protocols like OpenVPN (UDP & TCP) and IPSec (LT2P & IKEv2) are all supported by IPVanish on each of its apps. Besides that, it also has support for SSTP along with PPTP.

Unfortunately, no plans to offer WireGuard support have been revealed. Even if it isn’t an issue right now, it will undoubtedly become one in the near future. After all, it’s the newest and most reliable protocol available.

Leak Test using IPVanish

IPVanish promises to be leak-proof to the nth degree. I did numerous tests to see whether this was true. IPLeak.net was the program of choice for me. Here’s what happened when I didn’t use a VPN:

ip leak test - no vpn No VPN IP Leak Test

This is what it looks like now that I’m connected to the VPN’s Hong Kong server:

IPVanish was able to hide my IP address on both runs. As a result, it’s reasonable to conclude that it offers complete leak prevention.

Is IPVanish storing logs?

Both yes and no. IPVanish has implemented a zero-logs policy. However, it has previously revealed user information, implying that logs were retained. I wouldn’t trust it with my data since it’s been shown that it retains records, despite its claims to the contrary.

Does IPVanish Have A On/Off switch?

Yes. IPVanish has a On/Off switch on its Windows, Android, and macOS apps. You can learn how to use them by checking out the guide on the VPN’s website.

Is IPVanish equipped with a malware and ad blocker?

No. IPVanish’s creators haven’t included an ad and malware blocker in the software. In reality, the VPN declares specifically that it does not actively block anything.

Is IPVanish a secure service?

Sadly, I’d have to say that IPVanish is not safe. The VPN has an unsure zero-logs policy and lacks a On/Off switch on all apps. Moreover, it doesn’t have its own ad and malware blocker. Thus, people that frequently torrent are out of luck as they’ll certainly need a third-party blocker to make sure they’re safe.

ExpressVPN or Surfshark are two services that I suggest if you want to be absolutely safe online. Both have never been embroiled in any controversies and come with a slew of security measures.

Test your speed

IPVanish isn’t known for its speed, according to the general view. Casual customers’ reports and other IPVanish evaluations all agree that the service isn’t fast enough. This is odd considering the VPN provides limitless bandwidth and does not restrict how much data you may use.

I needed to see for myself IPVanish’s speed capabilities, so I ran several tests. To give you an idea of my connection speed, it’s as follows:

Test your speed - No VPN Test your speed – No VPN

Here’s how IPVanish’s Tokyo server changed it:

Test your speed - Japan Test your speed – Japan

Finally, here’s how the VPN’s Los Angeles server fared:

Test your speed - US Test your speed – US

My test findings weren’t as horrible as I had anticipated. They were on par with other providers that were noted for their slow speeds. As you can see, my downloading was unaffected by the VPN. However, it drastically reduced my uploading and ping times.

What is the speed of IPVanish?

IPVanish is not a fast VPN, as I have confirmed. Nonetheless, it may be trusted since it does not render the connection useless.

Those expecting for a quick response should search elsewhere. IPVanish will simply disappoint them and provide them with subpar results. My recommendation is to utilize NordVPN, which has been shown to be one of the fastest VPNs available.

Torrenting & P2P

IPVanish promotes itself as the finest torrent downloader. Because its servers are P2P-enabled, it permits torrenting. All major clients, such as Vuze, uTorrent, and BitTorrent, are compatible with the VPN. Nonetheless, because to its slow pace, I doubt it will be suitable for the task.

I did some more experiments using IPLeak.net to see what IPVanish might accomplish. A snapshot of the results without a VPN is shown below:

Torrenting Leak Test - No VPN No VPN Torrenting Leak Test

And here’s what happened when I connected to the VPN’s Tokyo server:

Torrenting Leak Test - Japan Japan’s Torrenting Leak Test

This is what occurred when I transferred to the LA server:

Torrenting Leak Test - US US Torrenting Leak Test

Neither server was successful in masking my IP address. As a result, IPVanish has demonstrated that it can be relied upon to keep me secure when torrenting. I can be certain that if I use it, no one will find out where I am and hurt me.

Is IPVanish a Good Torrent Client?

Yes. For torrenting, IPVanish is a solid choice. Its sluggishness, on the other hand, would inevitably slow down your download speed. As a result, I wouldn’t utilize the VPN for any work that requires a connection.


IPVanish, unlike its rivals, does not brag about its streaming capabilities. It can’t since the VPN’s servers can’t get beyond most streaming sites’ geoblocks. Even those that do, however, do not consistently perform. As a result, numerous IPVanish reviews and user complaints claim that it isn’t the ideal service for watching movies and TV shows.

Is IPVanish compatible with Netflix?

Every day, I watch Netflix series and movies. Since the streaming website is the most popular in the globe, the same could be stated for many others. So, here’s how IPVanish performed when I attempted to watch Deadpool while connecting to their London server:

Test of Netflix in the United Kingdom Test of Netflix in the United Kingdom

Here’s what happened when I tried to watch Spotlight on the VPN’s LA server:

Test on Netflix in the United States Test on Netflix in the United States

IPVanish’s UK server, as shown above, was unable to stream the movie. Meanwhile, the LA server performed well. As a result, I’d have to certify that IPVanish does, in fact, function with Netflix, but only on occasion.

Is it possible to use IPVanish with Amazon Prime?

Because Amazon Prime Video is my backup, I utilized it to test IPVanish’s streaming capabilities as well. Check is what happened when I attempted to watch The Avengers on the LA server:

Test of Amazon Prime Test of Amazon Prime

Unfortunately, the VPN couldn’t keep the streaming service’s eyes off of you. It was able to identify that I was utilizing it. As a result, I’m unable to state that IPVanish is compatible with Amazon Prime.

Is IPVanish compatible with Firestick?

To my amazement, when connecting to IPVanish’s US server, the Firestick software was able to give me with access to a YouTube movie that was restricted in my country. Furthermore, the movie was delivered in full HD without any buffering.

Test with a Firestick Test with a Firestick

There’s no doubting that IPVanish works on Firestick since it successfully overcame YouTube’s geoblocks. In reality, it’s a capable VPN for the task, capable of competing with industry leaders like NordVPN, ExpressVPN, and Surfshark.

Is IPVanish a Good Streaming VPN?

Both yes and no. IPVanish is capable of streaming content, but it isn’t the finest service for the purpose. You won’t be able to view everything you want with it. The service’s capabilities are severely restricted, making it unsuitable for users who primarily use VPNs for leisure.


When gaming, you should consider using a VPN service to secure yourself. Furthermore, the correct provider will enable you to connect to servers located throughout the globe. As a result, you’ll be able to play with people who wouldn’t otherwise be able to.

IPVanish, like the majority of VPNs, does not provide console applications. It must be installed on a router before it can be used on a PS4, Xbox One, or Nintendo Switch.

I played a few games on Call of Duty Mobile while connected to the service to see whether it would meet my gaming demands. Things started off terribly, as it caused my game to slow greatly. Fortunately, when the VPN connection steadied, my experience improved.

Test your gaming skills Test your gaming skills

IPVanish is, in my opinion, excellent for gaming. It may not be the finest option for the task, but it is definitely competent. You will not be disappointed if you use it since you will have a fun time while being protected.


Virtual private networks (VPNs) work with a broad range of Various Operating Systems and browser extensions. They’d be absolutely worthless if they weren’t.

Compatibility with IPVanish Compatibility with IPVanish

IPVanish’s developers recognize the need of universal compatibility. As a result, they’ve made it accessible on a variety of platforms. Most internet users are familiar with all of them.

Various Operating Systems

Native IPVanish applications are available for Chromebook OS, Android, macOS, Windows, iOS, and Linux. Each one uses little memory and is simple to set up.


IPVanish has no browser extensions for any of the major browsers. On the plus side, it may be used in conjunction with Tor. As a result, if you want to access.Onion websites, the VPN may help.


IPVanish may be installed on compatible routers, as previously stated. On its website, there are instructions on how to do so.

If you’re not up to it, the VPN has teamed up with FlashRouters to help you out. Pre-configured routers may be purchased from the vendor for a simple out-of-the-box experience. That’s really a good thing, since setting up a service on a router is a complex procedure that not everyone can do.

Simultaneous Connections are when two or more things happen at the same time. are when two or more things happen at the same time.

Many VPN services put a cap on how many Simultaneous Connections are when two or more things happen at the same time. are when two or more things happen at the same time. users can make under one account. IPVanish stands out as it lets you pair an unlimited number of devices to it simultaneously. In the industry, only Surfshark can match this offering.


A VPN service with a large server network is required. Why? Because there are many servers, it’s simpler to hide your location. You’ll also have additional streaming, gaming, and access to online sites that are prohibited in your country choices.

Servers of IPVanish Servers of IPVanish

IPVanish has a reasonably big network. It’s one of the largest VPNs, with over 1400 servers in over 50 countries. Nonetheless, you should be aware that many others outperform it. CyberGhost, for example, has over 7000 servers throughout the globe.


Is IPVanish available in China?

No. Despite it having the right features on paper, IPVanish In China, it doesn’t function.. Lots have tried to use the VPN in the country without success. The Great Firewall is simply a challenge that’s too daunting for the VPN to overcome.

I wouldn’t suggest IPVanish to anybody visiting China since it can’t get over the country’s censorship efforts. It’s also not the best VPN to use if you’re traveling to a country where internet access is severely limited.

Interface & Usability

When you start the IPVanish Windows app, it instantly displays a wealth of information. On the screen, you’ll see the quick-connect button, your visible information, the current protocol, server, time connected, and IP address.

Interface of IPVanish Interface of IPVanish

You may access your account information, a complete server list, and settings from the side panel. What I enjoyed about the VPN is how many options you have for customizing the settings. I also like utilizing a map, a list, and a search box to find servers. This brings the app’s navigation to a whole new level of ease.

IPVanish’s app strategy, in my opinion, was not a smart one. The reason for this is that everything is too chaotic at the moment. Because a little goes a long way, a minimalistic approach would have been preferable.

Does IPVanish Have Tunneling in Two Parts?

Yes. IPVanish does have Tunneling in Two Parts.

The function, however, is only accessible on Android. As a result, only platform users may benefit from the ease it provides. Others will have to disable their VPN in order to give their true identities to some applications and services.

Features Not Included

Only a few VPNs provide VPN obfuscation. Scramble is a proprietary version of it offered by IPVanish. With it enabled, your VPN traffic will be routed via two servers for added protection.

When concealment is a top concern, the extra function comes in useful. It’s also useful for VPN users whose access to the internet is severely limited. After all, it makes it much more difficult for authorities to detect your use.

Customer Service

IPVanish’s strong strength is customer support. It provides phone service in numerous countries, unlike other VPN companies. Furthermore, the service’s Average Time to Respond is quite short. You’ll receive a response in less than an hour if you send them an email.

To get a full overview of what IPVanish offers when it comes to Customer Service, look at the table below:

Live ChatYes
Email Customer ServiceYes
Support over the phoneYes
Ticket AssistanceYes
Video InstructionsNo
Knowledge Base on the InternetYes
Average Time to RespondTime limit: 20 minutes

As can be observed, the only thing missing from IPVanish VPN are video instructions. Aside from that, it contains everything you’ll need for excellent customer service.


IPVanish does not charge an additional fee for its service. It also offers flexible options for people who do not want to commit for an extended period of time.

The table below explains all you need to know about VPN pricing:

Lengths of Subscriptions1 Month ($3.49 for the first month, then $9.99 per month after that)
 1 year ($31.49 for the first year, followed by $89.99 every year)
The Most Expensive Month$9.99
Lowest Monthly Rate$2.62
Price for a year$31.49 and $89.99 are the price ranges.
Special PromotionThe first month of a monthly membership costs $3.49, and the first year of an annual subscription costs $31.49

I believe the service is a good alternative for anybody trying to save money.

Optional Payments

IPVanish offers little in terms of Optional Payments.

Only credit cards, PayPal, and a few debit cards are accepted for payment. Using cryptocurrency to pay anonymously is currently not possible. As a result, anybody possessing Bitcoin, Etherium, or Ripple can’t spend them.

Refund Policy & Money-Back Guarantee

IPVanish just increased the length of its money-back guarantee from seven to thirty days. Regrettably, this does not apply to VPN accounts registered via iTunes. If you created an account on the platform and want a refund, you’ll have to deal with Apple directly.

Deals, Coupon Code & Free Trial

A free trial is not offered for potential IPVanish users. You may, however, test the VPN risk-free by subscribing and taking advantage of their 30-day money-back guarantee if you’re not happy.

We understand that you’re seeking for the finest VPN deals. As a result, I’ve taken the trouble of compiling a list of IPVanish coupons for you:

I hope you find these scripts to be beneficial. Each one will assist you in obtaining the greatest possible pricing. On top of what IPVanish currently provides, you’ll be able to receive a better price with them.


Is IPVanish a good investment?

No. I don’t think IPVanish is worth it for a few reasons. First, it has a record of giving up user info to the authorities despite having a no-logs policy. Moreover, the service is slower than other VPNs, making it not ideal for torrenting and gaming. Besides that, it doesn’t have great unblocking capabilities. Lastly, the service In China, it doesn’t function..

If you want to learn more about how IPVanish compares to other top VPNs, read our other articles where we compare it to some of the best VPNs available today, including Surfshark, ExpressVPN, NordVPN, PureVPN, VPN Unlimited, VyprVPN, PIA (Private Internet Access), CyberGhost, TunnelBear, and Avast VPN.

I suggest Surfshark or ExpressVPN if you’re searching for a better service at a comparable price. In every way, both VPN companies outperform IPVanish. Most significantly, they have more servers, faster connection speeds, and a spotless no-logs track record.

ExpressVPN is a VPN service that offers users the ability to unblock content, bypass censorship, and get around geo-restrictions. ExpressVPN has servers in 94 countries which makes it easy for people to access content from all over the world. It also offers a 30-day money back guarantee with no questions asked. Reference: expressvpn review.

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