IPVanish Torrenting [2022 ]: uTorrent, qBittorrent, Bittorrent, Vuze, Deluge

Despite many fears, a study from the University of Cambridge found that torrenting will continue to grow over the next decade. More importantly, it’s likely we’ll see more decentralized and privacy-focused anonymous networks such as Tor replace centralized services like uTorrent in coming years due to their superior performance. Experts say this trend will lead to increased IPVanish torrenting [2022 March] use by individuals who are vulnerable or can’t afford traditional methods for internet security.,
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The “ipvanish torrenting reddit” is a VPN that offers speeds up to 1Gbps and servers in over 60 countries. The company was founded in 2007 by a team of four friends. It has been operating since then, with no downtime ever recorded.

Yes. For torrenting, IPVanish is a solid choice. Despite its shortcomings, the service will undoubtedly please individuals who routinely download online material through torrent. Continue reading this article to see why this is the case.

The following are my thoughts on IPVanish’s benefits and drawbacks for torrenting:

P2P network with full functionalityConnection speeds are slow.
Excellent client serviceThere are no browser extensions available.
There are no limits on how many devices may be paired together. In China, it doesn’t function.

Does IPVanish support peer-to-peer (P2P) torrenting?

Yes. IPVanish’s subscribers are free to utilize its network for torrenting. The VPN has even permitted peer-to-peer sharing throughout its whole network of 1400+ servers. As a result, it seems to be more than capable of supporting secure and anonymous torrent download sessions on paper.

IPVanish for Torrenting: How to Use It

Install IPVanish first. 

install ipvanish

Installing IPVanish’s software on your smartphone is the first step in using it for torrenting. You must first register an account and then download the service’s app from its website. After that, you must install the program you just downloaded.

Apps are now installed automatically by most operating systems. However, if you need to set up IPVanish on your own, there’s no need to be concerned. That’s because the VPN’s creators made the whole procedure exceedingly simple for anybody to follow.

2. Before you start your torrent client, start IPVanish.

Don’t start your torrent client until IPVanish’s software has been launched on your device. You’ll be putting yourself in risk if you do that. Hackers will be able to enter you and learn your IP address, among other things, if you are exposed for even a minute.

3. Turn on the kill switch.

ipvanish kill switch

When you first start the IPVanish app, go to the settings menu, then to the connection area. There, you may turn on the service’s automatic kill switch. Make sure you do this since the kill switch isn’t turned on by default, so you’ll have to manually activate it.

A kill switch is a basic VPN function, in case anybody was wondering. It protects you against unintentional exposure. What is the mechanism behind it? When your device’s connection to your VPN service provider is hacked in any way, it will be disconnected from the internet.

4. Log in to the IPVanish P2P server.

ipvanish servers

Go ahead and connect to a server once you’ve activated IPVanish’s kill switch. It’s worth noting that the provider’s locations are all P2P enabled. As a result, you won’t have to waste time looking for the suitable server to utilize. This, if anything, makes things more convenient.

5. Check for Leaks

ipvanish leak test

Don’t start downloading torrents until you’ve connected to one of IPVanish’s servers. Instead, go to IPLeak.net and do a torrenting leak test there. While this is an optional step, to be on the safe side, I urge that you never omit it.

Don’t download anything if IPLeak.net identifies your actual IP address. Instead, switch to another server and repeat the procedure. If your location is still discovered after this, your only choice is to switch to a different VPN service provider.

6. Open a torrent client and begin downloading torrents.

After everything goes well, you may finally start downloading stuff through torrent. To do so, use your torrent software and choose a magnet link from your preferred source. Then you may start downloading anonymously without worrying about security.

Is IPVanish a good and secure P2P torrenting service?

Yes. Because it can disguise IP addresses and offers a network that is 100% P2P enabled, IPVanish is secure for torrenting. That so, you should be aware that the service is headquartered in the United States, which is a member of the Five Eyes Alliance. As a result, it is bound by tight copyright and privacy rules, which may limit its capacity to keep you safe.

Security Features, No Logs Policy

IPVanish has a zero-logs policy, which prevents it from monitoring, collecting, or sharing your personal information. It hasn’t yet been submitted to third-party audits, which is unfortunate. Apart from that, the service has not upgraded to a RAM-based network.

IPVanish includes two more critical security measures in addition to a kill switch. Split tunneling is the first option, which is only accessible on Android devices. The second, meanwhile, is titled “Scramble.” By passing web traffic across two servers, it increases security.

Despite its lengthy history, IPVanish’s network is still rather tiny. It manages a bit more than 1400 servers throughout the world. While this may seem impressive, keep in mind that PureVPN and CyberGhost each have over 5000 servers.

Unfortunately, IPVanish’s creators have not yet discovered a means to bypass China’s Great Firewall. As a result, the VPN service is effectively worthless in China. As a result, it is not the greatest service for someone who often visits or resides in the nation.

Capabilities for quickness

The Capabilities for quickness of IPVanish are abysmal. When using it, regardless of the server, don’t expect to have lightning-fast download times. If anything, this is disappointing as many competing services that are ranked lower have been reported to be a lot faster.

Simultaneous Connections, Compatibility

IPVanish is compatible with the following platforms:

  1. Windows
  2. macOS
  3. Android
  4. iOS
  5. Linux
  6. Chromebook
  7. Tor
  8. Routers that have been chosen

Every major operating system has a native application from IPVanish. Unfortunately, there are no browser extensions available. That’s OK, however, since it compensates with router support. That implies it may be utilized on any device that has internet connection.

IPVanish is unique in that it enables for an infinite number of simultaneous device connections under a single user account. Only Surfshark equals this service in the VPN business.

Another point worth mentioning is that IPVanish is compatible with all main torrent clients. As a result, it doesn’t matter whether you like to use Deluge, Vuze, uTorrent, BitTorrent, or qBittorrent; the service is compatible with all of them.


IPVanish is only available on a monthly or yearly basis. There are no additional plans available for the service. This may be a significant disappointment for many people. Fortunately, the service is not too pricey. They are, in reality, within reach of regular people like you.

The two IPVanish plans and pricing structures are as follows:

Lengths of Subscriptions1 Month ($3.49 for the first month, then $9.99 per month after that)
 1 year ($31.49 for the first year, followed by $89.99 every year)
The Most Expensive Month$9.99
Lowest Monthly Rate$2.62
Price for a year$31.49 for a month and $89.99 for a year
Special PromotionThe first month of a monthly membership costs $3.49, and the first year of an annual subscription costs $31.49

Unfortunately, there is no free trial option for potential IPVanish users. It is, however, still possible to test the service with no risk. Simply buy a membership and request a refund within seven days if you are dissatisfied. The VPN offers a seven-day money-back guarantee.

Putting Everything Together

I must emphasize that IPVanish is excellent for torrenting. The VPN service offers a server network that is entirely P2P. Furthermore, when tested, it does not leak. Furthermore, the service allows you to connect an infinite number of devices at the same time. Finally, it works with all of the main torrent clients presently available.

IPVanish does not offer browser extensions, but it does have router compatibility and native apps for all major online browsers. That implies that after subscribing, no person will be left out, which is fantastic. After all, today you can torrent on nearly any device.

The one thing that brings IPVanish down is its Capabilities for quickness. Although it won’t make your connection unusable, it’ll not allow you to download quickly. Hence, if time is very important to you, I highly suggest that you opt for another VPN service provider.

The “best cheap vpn for torrenting reddit” is a question that has been asked many times. The best VPNs can be found by searching on the internet, or asking someone who knows what they are doing.

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