IPVanish vs NordVPN [2022]: Speed, Netflix, Firestick, China, Etc

After over a year of rigorous testing and research, IPVanish has emerged as the top VPN service for gaming. With its 700+ servers in nearly 60 countries, this is one company that can keep your data safe from hackers and spies at all times.
NordVPN on the other hand offers advanced encryption levels but with weaker speeds when compared to IPVanish. Still, NordVPN boasts an impressive 3000+ servers operating under 94 different countries so if you need more options then consider NordVPN instead of just going with what’s popular today (IPVanish).

The “expressvpn vs ipvanish vs nordvpn” is a comparison of ExpressVPN, IPVanish, and NordVPN. The article includes speed tests for the three services, as well as Netflix testing, Firestick compatibility, and more.

In the VPN sector, NordVPN and IPVanish are two competitors. The former is headquartered in Panama, whereas the latter is headquartered in the United States. Both companies are thought to be industry leaders. Despite their similarities, the two VPNs are vastly different. As a result, deciding between them might be difficult.

Fortunately, this Comparison guide is here to assist you. This will familiarize you with all of the features that each service has to offer. You’ll know which one is the best VPN for you after you’ve finished! So, without further ado, let’s get started!


To begin, we’ll analyze and contrast all that each VPN has to offer. Check out the chart below to see what each service has to offer and what it doesn’t:

 logo ipvanish IPVanishlogo nordvpn NordVPN
Policy on LoggingLogging is not permitted.Logging is not permitted.
JurisdictionUnited States of America (Five-Eyes Member)Panama
EncryptionAES-2564096-bit RSA Key Exchange with AES-256 SHA-256 Hash Authentication
Adblockers and anti-malware softwareNoYes
On/Off switchYesYes
Tests for LeaksThere were no leaks discovered.There were no leaks discovered.
Tests of SpeedSlowFast
Torrenting & P2PYes, indeed (On all servers)Yes, indeed (Optimized P2P Servers)
StreamingHulu Firestick Roku (via Router) Kodi Apple TV (via Router) Android TV Netflix Hulu Firestick Roku (via Router)Netflix Amazon Prime is a subscription service that allows you to BBC iPlayer Hulu Firestick Roku is a streaming media player (Via Router) Kodi Apple TV is a device that allows you to watch (Via Router) Android Television (Android TV)
GamingiOS and Android on Windows Xbox One is a video game console that was released (Via Router) PS4 is a game console that was released in (Via Router) Nintendo Switch is a game console that was released in (Via Router)iOS and Android on Windows Xbox One is a video game console that was released (Via DNS or Router) PS4 is a game console that was released in (Via DNS or Router) Nintendo Switch is a game console that was released in (Via DNS or Router)
CompatibilityChromebook Chromebook Chromebook Chromebook Chromebook Chromebook Chromebook Chromebook Chromebook Chromebook Chromebook Chrome Routers Selected by TorChromebook Chromebook Chromebook Chromebook Chromebook Chromebook Chromebook Chromebook Chromebook Chromebook Chromebook Chrome Chrome Firefox Selected by Tor Routers
Simultaneous Connections are when two or more things happen at the same time. are when two or more things happen at the same time.Unlimited6
 Yes, indeed (On Android Only)Yes, indeed (For Android and Browser Extensions)
Features Not IncludedScramble OptionOver VPN, double VPN Onion
PricesMonthly fee of $9.99 ($3.49 for the first month) $31.49 for the first year, then $89.99 every year after that)

$11.95 each month $4.92 per month (1-Year) $3.71 per month (2-Years)

Special Promotion: Save 68 percent on a 2-year plan and 58 percent on a 1-year plan with this offer.

Our Opinion3.94.7

It’s clear that each VPN has a unique set of features that distinguishes it from the others. Let’s take a closer look at all of the things that the services have to offer. I’ll divide the prizes into categories and choose a winner for each.

So, without further ado, let’s get this IPVanish versus NordVPN fight started!

Privacy & Security

A decent VPN should give both security and privacy. Having said that, both NordVPN and IPVanish claim to be the best at offering both. Each of them has excellent security mechanisms to keep its consumers secure.

It’s worth noting that the two services aren’t strangers to squabbles.

In 2016, IPVanish handed up user information to help with an ongoing investigation. Meanwhile, NordVPN’s servers were hacked in 2018. However, it is reported that no sensitive information was taken from NordVPN as a result of the incident.

The two VPNs seem to have moved on from their previous issues. Highwinds Network Group, who owned IPVanish at the time of the data breach, has now sold it to StackPath. NordVPN has improved its infrastructure in order to avoid another hacking incidence.

With that out of the way, let’s dive into the specific security features that each VPN provides.

Comparison of Encryption

Both VPNs use AES-256 encryption, which is military-grade. NordVPN is unique in that it offers SHA-512 hash authentication and a 4096-RSA handshake. IPVanish hasn’t revealed the hash authentication method or handshake it use.

NorVPN also provides its customers with the option of using double-encryption. As a result, it has an advantage over its competition.

Protocols for Virtual Private Networks

Both services support well-known protocols such as OpenVPN (UCP/TCP) and IPSec (IKEv2/L2TP). What sets them unique is that NordVPN also supports WireGuard, the most recent VPN protocol. IPVanish, on the other hand, supports both SSTP and PPTP.

Protection Against Leaks

According to user posts on Reddit, NordVPN and IPVanish are excellent at avoiding leaks. To check whether this was accurate, I decided to use IPLeak.net to do experiments. The first service I tried was IPVanish, since I wanted to see whether it lived up to its name.

Here’s a snapshot of a test without any VPNs running before we look for leaks:

ip leak test no vpn No VPN IP Leak Test

Now, here’s what I got after connecting to IPVanish’s Taipei server:

ip leak test ipvanish taiwan IPVanish Taiwan IP Leak Test

Finally, here’s how my test went when connecting to the VPN’s Los Angeles server:

ip leak test ipvanish us IPVanish US IP Leak Test

IPVanish can correctly disguise my true IP address, as seen above. I wasn’t shocked, however, since most VPNs do this perfectly.

For me, the next step was to investigate whether NordVPN could accomplish the same thing. Because the service is recognized as one of the finest, my expectations were fairly high. I initially chose to connect to its Singapore server.

Take a look at the findings below:

ip leak test nordvpn singapore NordVPN Singapore IP Leak Test

Last but not least, I connected to the VPN’s UK server. I selected it since it’s a server that’s located far away from where I live and where I expect to connect in the future.

Here’s what I came up with:

ip leak test nordvpn uk NordVPN UK IP Leak Test

During my two tests, NordVPN provided me with a pleasant experience. It was able to entirely disguise my IP address, just like IPVanish. As a result, I can confidently offer it to you and state that using it will not put you in danger.

Server Safety

In some ways, NordVPN’s security compromise turned out to be a gift in disguise.

The unfortunate incident prompted the service to double-down on Server Safety. One measure that it adopted WireGuard, which is a more robust Encryption. In addition, the service also began a bug bounty program that has yielded excellent results.

By Comparison, IPVanish has not adopted any cutting-edge Server Safety features. It doesn’t support WireGuard, nor does it have a bug bounty program. To add to that, the VPN does not run its servers in RAM-disk mode, which makes storing logs impossible.

Final Thoughts

Without a question, NordVPN is the clear victor in this round. Despite the fact that both VPNs employ military-grade AES-256 encryption, one has yet to implement WireGuard.

Furthermore, IPVanish has not implemented a bug bounty program. As a result, it is significantly disadvantaged.

Test your speed

NordVPN’s speed skills have received nothing but positive feedback. The service is regarded as the most rapid on the market. IPVanish, on the other hand, has received some criticism for its slowness.

It’s worth noting that both programs provide limitless bandwidth. That is, they do not impose speed or bandwidth constraints on their subscribers.

I ran some tests to see what each VPN could do. Take a look at my base connection speed before I show you the results:

Test your speed no vpn Test your speed – No VPN

Now let’s see how the VPN performed while connecting to its Taipei server:

Test your speed ipvanish taiwan Test your speed – IPVanish Taiwan

Let’s have a look at the outcomes of connecting to the Los Angeles server:

Test your speed ipvanish us Test your speed – IPVanish US

IPVanish disappointed me since it gave me uneven results and slowed down my internet connection significantly. My internet was nearly unusable after connecting to the Taipei server.

My download speed increased after switching to the Los Angeles server, but my latency and upload speed slowed.

After my first bad encounter, I decided to try NordVPN. My hopes were high since the VPN is well-known for its fast capabilities. The Singapore server was the first one I connected to.

The following is the result of my experiment:

Test your speed nordvpn singapore Test your speed – NordVPN Singapore

Finally, here’s what happened after switching to the UK server:

Test your speed nordvpn uk Test your speed – NordVPN UK

I got far better results with NordVPN than I did with IPVanish. My internet connection was slowed somewhat by the Singapore server. My ping and uploading suffered once I connected to the UK server. Despite this, the VPN was able to maintain some consistency.

In our contest between NordVPN and IPVanish, the victor of this category is obvious. When it comes to speed, NordVPN is the way to go.

Torrenting & P2P

It’s a bad idea to download torrents without using a VPN. You’ll be revealing your IP address to strangers who may want to harm you. As a result, it’s only fair that you choose the best service available for the task.

Torrenting is encouraged by both IPVanish and NordVPN. Only IPVanish, however, offers a fully functional P2P server network. NordVPN compensates for this by recognizing your torrenting activities and connecting you to a P2P-friendly server immediately.

I ran various tests to ensure that neither VPN leaked during torrenting sessions. IPVanish was the first provider I looked at. Before we get into the findings, let’s have a look at what happened when I didn’t use a VPN:

torrenting no vpn No VPN Torrenting Leak Test

Here’s what happened when I tried to connect to the Taipei server:

torrenting ipvanish taiwan IPVanish Taiwan Torrenting Leak Test

And this is what I received once I moved to the Los Angeles server:

torrenting ipvanish us IPVanish US Torrenting Leak Test

There were no leaks with either of IPVanish’s servers, as can be shown. As a result, I can confidently state that it is suitable for torrenting. It will keep you secure from any possible troublemakers out there if you use it.

The next step was to examine how NordVPN fared versus its main opponent. Given the VPN’s superb performance so far, I was certain that it would.

The following are the results of connecting to the service’s Singapore server:

torrenting nordvpn singapore NordVPN Singapore Torrenting Leak Test

Finally, here are the results of my connection to NordVPN’s UK server:

torrenting nordvpn uk NordVPN UK Torrenting Leak Test

NordVPN performed just as I anticipated. On both servers to which I was connected, the VPN was able to hide my IP address. As a result, I have to declare that it is also a secure VPN service for torrenting.

NordVPN wins this round of our NordVPN versus IPVanish battle. I selected it since it is the fastest of the two services. You’ll be able to complete your torrent downloads far quicker than if you used IPVanish.


The ability to stream is a critical feature that any VPN should offer. Many users use VPNs just to get access to material from other countries. As a result, the inability of a service to circumvent geoblocks is a deal breaker.

NordVPN is known for being able to view practically any website’s content. Amazon Prime, BBC iPlayer, Hulu, Disney+, and Netflix are among the services it may work around. Many individuals have even speculated that it is a media-focused VPN.

IPVanish, on the other hand, has been upfront about its lack of streaming capabilities. On sites like Hulu and Netflix, the service can only access a few libraries. To make matters worse, it is unable to do so on a constant basis, making every movie night a gamble.


Netflix is the most popular streaming service in the world. As a result, I wanted to see how each VPN performed when it came to unlocking it. IPVanish was the first service I tried, and I wasn’t sure how to use it.

After connecting to their UK server and attempting to access Kingsman, I got the following results:

netflix uk ipvanish IPVanish – Netflix UK

The VPN was unable to circumvent Netflix UK’s geoblocks, as I expected.

To give it another go, I switched to IPVanish’s New York server and tried to stream Spotlight there. The end result is as follows:

netflix us ipvanish IPVanish – Netflix US

The VPN, thankfully, was able to get access to the title. This demonstrates that IPVanish has some streaming capabilities. As a result, if you subscribe to it, you won’t be left out if you wish to watch a movie or two from a foreign library.

Despite the fact that I already knew the findings would be positive, I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to test NordVPN. I tried watching Kingsman again after connecting to the UK server:

netflix uk nordvpn NordVPN – Netflix UK

My effort with NordVPN was, predictably, successful. It was able to stream Kingsman in full resolution without buffering.

The next step for me was to broadcast Spotlight using the US server once again. Here’s what happened:

netflix us nordvpn NordVPN – Netflix US

The VPN, like my initial attempt, was effective in granting me access to the game. True to what others have mentioned, it is capable of routinely evading Netflix’s geoblocks. As a consequence, in this round of IPVanish versus NordVPN, I had to award it the victory.


I’m a Call of Duty Mobile aficionado. All of my friends think I’m the finest, and some have even urged me to pursue a career in music. As a result, I need to utilize a VPN that is designed specifically for gaming.

I decided to try them out to determine which one is more suited to my gaming requirements.

The first thing I did was log in to IPVanish’s Taipei server. Following that, I organized a match with a handful of Reddit pals. While the game initially performed well, it began to lag after a few minutes. It did so until the game was unplayable, much to my dismay.

Following this terrible encounter, I immediately connected to NordVPN. My preferred server was one in Singapore. I was instantly happy after entering a random match. Even though I had some minor frame drops, I was able to play without any big issues.

Without a question, NordVPN is my winner in this area. I nearly forgot I was using a VPN because of the service. It honestly gave me the finest VPN gaming experience I’ve ever had.


My family has a variety of gadgets, each of which runs on a different operating system. As a result, I must subscribe to a VPN that is compatible with all of my household devices. When I go online, I can rest certain that my wife and children are protected.

While both VPNs are compatible with a wide range of operating systems, only one is better. Refer to the table below for a better understanding of what works on what:

Chromebook Chromebook Chromebook Chromebook Chromebook Chromebook Chromebook Chromebook Chromebook Chromebook Chromebook Chrome Routers Selected by TorChromebook Chromebook Chromebook Chromebook Chromebook Chromebook Chromebook Chromebook Chromebook Chromebook Chromebook Chrome Chrome Firefox Selected by Tor Routers

As you can see, IPVanish is short on personnel. There are no browser extensions for Google Chrome or Firefox. NordVPN, which provides an app or extension for all major platforms, is the winner in this category.

Simultaneous Connections are when two or more things happen at the same time. are when two or more things happen at the same time.

VPNs that allow for more Simultaneous Connections are when two or more things happen at the same time. are when two or more things happen at the same time. give you more value for your money. After all, what good is universal Compatibility if you can’t use your service on many devices at the same time?

With one subscription, NordVPN allows for a maximum of 6 connections. As a result, it is appropriate for most families and small enterprises. However, it does not seem to be suited for those who have bigger families or enterprises.

IPVanish, on the other hand, allows customers to connect an infinite number of devices at the same time. No, there’s no need to pay more since this feature is included in every VPN package. This is fantastic for bargain hunters, in my opinion.

The winner for this round of NordVPN vs IPVanish is obvious. Few other services offer unlimited Simultaneous Connections are when two or more things happen at the same time. are when two or more things happen at the same time. like IPVanish does. In that sense, it’s a unique VPN.


A VPN with a larger server network may access more material from all around the globe. Additionally, it makes it easier to hide users. As a result, the larger a VPN’s server network is, the better.

IPVanish doesn’t disappoint, with over 1500 servers spread throughout the world. That is not a modest amount for a VPN service provider. Regrettably, other rivals have succeeded in establishing a broader network.

NordVPN, for example, has 5161 servers spread over 59 countries. By a long distance, this figure places the service in first place in this category.


A contemporary VPN must get over China’s Great Firewall, which is a government-run censorship system. This is not an easy undertaking, and just a few service providers have succeeded in doing so. Climbing the wall is, in fact, a defining characteristic of every successful VPN.

IPVanish has a function called “scramble” that allows you to customize OpenVPN. As a result, authorities have a hard time figuring out whether you’re utilizing a VPN. Although it seems to be a foolproof means to get beyond China’s firewall, reports claim it is useless.

NordVPN is believed to constantly get over the firewall, despite the fact that it doesn’t have any unique tricks up its sleeve. On Reddit, user reports virtually overwhelmingly indicate that the VPN is ideal for circumventing Chinese censorship. As a result, if you’re planning a vacation to China, it’s the one to have.

Interface & Usability

The NordVPN program for Windows and Chrome extension were both simple to install. When it came to IPVanish, the same could be said. Both firms make it easy for their clients to get information, which I find valuable.

Viewing and navigating the IPVanish app was not a pleasant experience. Its maximalist attitude to things did not sit well with me.

When you open it, you’ll see a flood of information, including your connection status and speed. A bar on the side provides access to your account details, information, server list, and settings.

interface ipvanish Interface of IPVanish

NordVPN’s app takes a unique approach to things. It merely shows a globe map with marks indicating which countries have servers. On the side, there is a drop-down list where you may choose the server you want. A gear icon at the top of the screen allows you to enter the options menu.

interface nordvpn Interface of NordVPN

The clean layout of NordVPN’s Windows client appealed to me. It was simple to navigate, which elevated my VPN experience to a whole new level. It is my preferred option, therefore I must pronounce it the winner.

Features Not Included

The “scramble” function that I described previously is one of IPVanish’s unique features. It’s a kind of VPN obfuscation, which is an adaption of the standard VPN protocol. The technology allows users to customize OpenVPN in order to protect their online privacy.

On the other side, NordVPN has a function known as Double VPN. In essence, web traffic is routed via two VPN servers rather than one. As a result, your data is encrypted twice, making you tougher to track online.

In addition to what has already been described, NordVPN now includes a capability called Onions over VPN. You’ll be able to utilize the Tor browser while still benefiting from the added security of a VPN tunnel.

NordVPN wins this category of NordVPN versus IPVanish because it offers more special features.

Customer Service

I’ve had a pleasant experience with the Customer Service of NordVPN and IPVanish. The chat representatives that attended to me were very cordial. On top of that, they gave me concise answers in a very timely manner.

One thing I appreciated about both programs is that they both had a large Knowledge Base on the Internet that I could use.

NordVPN, on the other hand, has an edge in this area since it offers video instructions. While IPVanish does not, it does provide extensive write-ups with screenshots that helped me with the majority of my needs.

The fact that IPVanish includes phone assistance was a pleasant surprise to me. There are six phone numbers mentioned on the VPN. Users in Brazil, Spain, the United Kingdom, the United States, Mexico, and Australia may call each other.

Refer to the table below to learn more about each VPN’s customer care capabilities:

Live ChatYesYes
Email Customer ServiceYesYes
Support over the phoneYesNo
Ticket AssistanceYesYes
Video InstructionsNoYes
Knowledge Base on the InternetYesYes
Average Time to RespondTime: 20 minutes3 Hours

I personally don’t have a landline number anymore, so IPVanish’s Support over the phone isn’t something that I’ll be using. But, the video guides that NordVPN has available have helped me tremendously. For that reason, my winner for this category is NordVPN.


NordVPN and IPVanish both provide a variety of options at various costs. This is great since everyone’s requirements and finances are different. Here’s a comparison chart to help you figure out which option is best for you:

Lengths of Subscriptions1 Month ($3.49 for the first month, then $9.99 per month after that)Month-to-Month ($11.95/Month)
 1 year ($31.49 for the first year, followed by $89.99 every year)1 year ($4.92 per month)
  $3.71/month for 2 years
The Most Expensive Month$9.99$11.95
Lowest Monthly Rate$2.62$3.71
Price for a year$31.49 and $89.99 are the price ranges.$59.00
Guaranteed Money-Back7 Days30 Days
Special PromotionThe first month of a monthly membership costs $3.49, and the first year of an annual subscription costs $31.49For a 2-year plan, you’ll save 68 percent; for a 1-year plan, you’ll save 58 percent.

As seen above, NordVPN offers greater flexibility when it comes to plans. NordVPN also has a 30-day Guaranteed Money-Back while IPVanish only has 7. Also, IPVanish has confusing pricing. Hence, NordVPN is my winner in this final round of IPVanish vs NordVPN.


Is IPVanish a better alternative to NordVPN?

No. NordVPN is the clear victor in this comparison since it has so much more to offer. When it comes to speed, compatibility, app UI, security, gaming, and streaming, the service outperforms IPVanish. It also offers various monthly options that are often less expensive.

Although the VPN had a hard spell in 2016 due to a hacking event, things have since improved. The VPN has declared that it will continue to enhance several of its security safeguards. It has even indicated that it would soon operate all of its servers in RAM-disk mode, eliminating the ability to store logs.

IPVanish is a good service, however it falls short of meeting all of the requirements.

Because of its slowness, the VPN is unable to provide a decent torrenting and gaming experience. Its inability to unblock Netflix and other streaming services further detracts from its allure. Finally, the VPN has limited compatibility and cannot evade China’s Great Firewall.

NordVPN is the overall winner.

The “vpnmentor nordvpn” is a VPN comparison between the two providers. The article includes information on speed, Netflix, Firestick, China, etc.

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