ProtonVPN Netflix [2022]: Does It Work With Netflix?

If you’re trying to unblock Netflix outside of your country, ProtonVPN is a great option. It’s reliable, easy-to-use and has strong encryption for securing all kinds of internet traffic on both public Wi-Fi networks and online streaming services. Does it work with Netflix?

ProtonVPN is a VPN service that works with Netflix. The company has been around for a long time and offers many features such as P2P, TOR, and IPV6 support. ProtonVPN also has servers in over 60 countries to choose from. Read more in detail here: vpns that work with netflix.

ProtonVPN Netflix [March 2022]: Does It Work With Netflix?

Yes. Netflix is compatible with ProtonVPN.

In fact, it complements the internet streaming platform rather nicely. Regardless, I wouldn’t use it as a primary source of information. The reason for this is because unless you purchase a premium subscription plan, it does not provide you with many connection alternatives.

With that stated, keep reading this post to learn all you need to know about using Netflix with ProtonVPN.

Netflix Servers with ProtonVPN


ProtonVPN has 1425 servers located in 60 countries across the world. Unfortunately, you can only connect to all of these servers if you subscribe to the VPN provider’s plus or visionary subscriptions. If anything, this is a disadvantage since both of these programs are costly.

Check out this table to learn all you need to know about ProtonVPN’s pricing plans:

Lengths of Subscriptions 0.00$ (Free-Tier Subscription)
1 month ($5.00 for a basic subscription, $10.00 for a plus subscription, $30.00 for a visionary subscription)
1 year ($4.00 per month for a basic subscription, $8.00 per month for a plus subscription, and $24.00 per month for a visionary subscription)
2 Years ($3.23/month for a Basic Subscription, $6.63/month for a Plus Subscription, and $19.95/month for a Visionary Subscription)
The Most Expensive Month $30.00
Lowest Monthly Rate $3.23
Price for a year A basic subscription costs $48.00 per year. A Plus Subscription is $96.00 per year. A Visionary Subscription is $288.00 per year.
Special Promotion No Special Promotions Available

It’s also worth noting that ProtonVPN’s servers are very powerful. They are not only quick, but also adept at circumventing geo-restrictions. In fact, some of them can even get over China’s Great Firewall, which is a challenging task for any VPN company.

With ProtonVPN, you can access the following Netflix libraries:

There are no two Netflix libraries alike. Because of copyright and other legal constraints, some hosts have fewer material than others. As a result, as a Netflix user, you must make the most of your money by using these libraries:



Netflix’s US library is very popular for a multitude of reasons. For starters, it houses a lot of Netflix material that isn’t accessible anyplace else. Furthermore, it is the first site where the most recent and finest series, films, and documentaries are released.

Netflix USA does not just display English-language material, as many people are unaware. There are also many fascinating Spanish, Japanese, Chinese, German, and French titles on it. As a result, you can be certain that you will never run out of things to watch while exploring the library.

In the United States, ProtonVPN has a considerable presence. In reality, it is where the bulk of the provider’s servers are housed. As a result, finding a decent server to utilize to circumvent Netflix’s geo-restrictions will never be a problem.



The greatest location to find and watch European content is on Netflix France. Although it has a large number of French titles, it also has a large number of series, documentaries, and movies from Germany, Spain, Italy, and The Netherlands is a country in Europe.. Furthermore, there is no scarcity of English-language material.

In France, you may connect to many ProtonVPN servers. All of them have been fantastic to work with. My connection has only ever dropped to a major degree once. Apart than that, I’ve never been unable to get around local Netflix geoblocks.



Netflix’s UK collection need no introduction. It’s where new seasons of exciting shows like Sex Education and Peaky Blinders premiere first. In addition, the library has access to unique films and documentaries that aren’t available anyplace else.

Unfortunately, ProtonVPN has a very limited presence in the United Kingdom. On the plus side, its servers have no problem bypassing Netflix’s local geo-restrictions. Aside from that, they’re lightning quick and can bypass bandwidth limitations.



My particular favorite is Netflix’s library in Canada. It’s jam-packed with unique stuff that you won’t find anywhere else. You’ll find everything from blockbuster classics to obscure movies that only dedicated cinema aficionados are aware of when perusing the library.

And, in case you’re wondering, Netflix Canada doesn’t simply provide English-language programming. Shows, movies, and documentaries in French, Spanish, Japanese, and Korean are also available.

You may pick from a small number of ProtonVPN servers in Canada. These servers have shown to be good performers throughout my testing. While they do sometimes have downtime when they are unable to unblock Netflix, they are generally reliable.



In Australia, Netflix does not let you down.

The library, like its Canadian equivalent, contains a wealth of unique resources. This material may be written in any of the following languages: English, Chinese, Indian, Japanese, Filipino, Korean, Spanish, or French. As a result, you can be certain that you will never run out of things to watch while exploring the library.

In Australia, ProtonVPN has a tiny presence. You can only pick from a limited number of servers. Despite this, these servers are excellent performers. They were not only quick, but they also never let me down when it came to circumventing Netflix Australia’s geo-restrictions.



Netflix is a really fascinating service in Japan. The greatest location to find anime series and movies is through the country’s library. It’s also the best spot to hunt for Japanese blockbuster hits and dramas that aren’t shown anyplace else in the globe.

Of course, there is plenty of English stuff to pick from in the library. Furthermore, all of the Japanese stuff on it includes subtitles.

In Japan, you can select from a number of ProtonVPN servers. All of these servers, in my experience, are Netflix-capable. Aside from that, they’re also quick, having no effect on the speed of my primary internet connection.

Other Netflix Libraries You Should Check Out

Other Netflix collections worth checking out with ProtonVPN include as follows:

  • New Zealand is a country in the Pacific Ocean.
  • The Philippines are a country in Southeast Asia.
  • India
  • Germany
  • The Netherlands is a country in Europe.
  • South Korea (South Korea)
  • Taiwan

Keep in mind that no two ProtonVPN servers are same. As a result, your watching experience while using Netflix in these countries may differ. As a result, it’s better to keep your expectations in check in order to prevent being disappointed.

How to Connect to Netflix Using ProtonVPN

Do you have any questions about how to use ProtonVPN with Netflix? Follow these easy steps to get started:

1. Download and install ProtonVPN.


The first step is to download ProtonVPN and install it on your device. Don’t be concerned about the complexity of this method. This is due to the fact that it is completely automated on all current operating systems. All you have to do now is press the download button and wait.

The installation of a ProtonVPN router is a little more difficult. However, it’s still something that anybody with a rudimentary understanding of computers can perform. All you have to do now is follow the steps below.

2. Choose a Server

Select a server after you’ve installed ProtonVPN on your device. Remember to choose a location in the nation where the Netflix library you want to unblock is located. It’s also a good idea to choose a server that’s close by.

The reason for this is because the closer a VPN server is to your computer, the less likely it is to slow down your internet connection. Why is that? Because the distance between you and the VPN server has a direct influence on the speed of your base internet connection.

3. Launch Netflix.

After you’ve chosen a server, you may finally start watching Netflix. Check out the platform’s site to see whether you’ve managed to get beyond the platform’s geo-restrictions. When you go to your local library in your nation, you should see something completely different from what you generally see.

4. Begin to observe.

It’s time to start viewing now that you’ve accomplished all of the preceding stages. Never disconnect from ProtonVPN during your session. If you do this, you will be immediately discovered and prohibited by the digital streaming platform.

Netflix Error, Blocked, Slow, or Not Working with ProtonVPN?


Netflix occasionally detects ProtonVPN’s servers and blocks them. When this occurs, you’ll get an error message similar to the one above. Don’t worry, there are a few workarounds you can employ to keep viewing items from a geo-restricted library.

To begin, connect to a different ProtonVPN server in the same country. If it doesn’t work, you might try upgrading the provider. Alternatively, you may check to see whether the item you’re watching is available in another country and then stream it from that nation’s Netflix collection.

Is ProtonVPN Compatible With Netflix?

Yes. Netflix and ProtonVPN get along swimmingly. However, for a variety of reasons, it is not my first pick for the platform. The most significant of them is the fact that you can only access the VPN’s complete network if you pay for a premium plus or visionary subscription.

Another reason why ProtonVPN isn’t the best Netflix VPN is because it can’t successfully bypass China’s Great Firewall. As a result, it’s not recommended for someone who travels regularly to regions where internet filtering is common.

The “best vpn for netflix” is a question that has been asked many times. The ProtonVPN Netflix [March 2022] article will answer the question, does it work with Netflix?

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