VPN Unlimited Free Trial: 7-Day & 30-Day Trials [2022]

VPN Unlimited is a VPN service that offers unlimited access to over 100 countries, and 3 different levels of speed. Their 7-Day trial offer seems too good to be true; but we found it was legit! The 30-day trial also promises incredibly fast speeds at an affordable price.

The “vpn unlimited trial reset” is a 7-Day & 30-Day Trials [2022 March] VPN service. The free trial has no limitations, so you can test the service for yourself.

Many internet security experts recommend VPN Unlimited. It, like many of its business rivals, aspires to deliver the highest standards of digital security. Furthermore, the service gives you access to a variety of geo-restricted material, enabling you to freely browse the web.

VPN Unlimited offers a 7-day free trial that allows you to use the service without paying any money. The greatest thing is that you won’t have to make any sacrifices by taking advantage of this free trial. Everything that a premium VPN Unlimited membership includes is also included in the free trial.

Needless to say, there is a risk-free option for you to experience VPN Unlimited. How? Using the trial hack for a 30-day period. Simply said, you must purchase one of the VPN provider’s services and then utilize its 30-day money-back guarantee to get a refund before the 30-day period expires.

There is a free tier available.Free 7-Day Trial (Always Available) 30-Day Risk-Free Trial (Always Available)
Free Trial Requires a Credit CardNo
Probationary Period7 Days
Period of Refund30 Days
Best DealLifetime ($199.99) is a one-time purchase.

7-Day Free Trial of VPN Unlimited

Everyone may take advantage of VPN Unlimited’s 7-day free trial. It does not lock off any of the features that come with a premium membership, unlike other free trials. As a result, you’ll be able to test out everything VPN Unlimited has to offer to see whether it’s the correct supplier for you.

To take advantage of VPN Unlimited’s 7-day free trial, follow these steps:

  1. VPN Unlimited’s program may be downloaded here.
  2. Create an account once you’ve opened it.
  3. Select the free trial membership option.
  4. Begin using VPN Unlimited now.

After signing up for a 7-day free VPN Unlimited trial, there are no hidden costs. There will be no need to give out your credit card information at all. You may use the VPN to test it out while being entirely anonymous, which is great for privacy.

30-Day VPN Unlimited Trial

The 30-day trial is another risk-free option to test VPN Unlimited. Simply follow the instructions outlined below to do this:

  1. Sign up for a VPN Unlimited membership.
  2. Purchase any of the subscription options offered by the supplier.
  3. Install the VPN Unlimited software on your device.
  4. You may use VPN for as long as you wish.
  5. Within 30 days, contact customer care to request a refund.

Unfortunately, there is no way to take advantage of the 30-day VPN Unlimited trial without paying money or jeopardizing your privacy. VPN Unlimited does not take cryptocurrency, therefore you’ll have to pay for a membership and thereby give out your credit card information. You’ll also need to contact customer support to get the refund you’re entitled to.

What Is Included in the VPN Unlimited Free Trial?



Both the 7-day free trial and the 30-day money-back trial allow you to connect 5 devices at the same time. In fact, this is fantastic since you’ll be able to protect everyone in the family’s digital privacy and security. The same cannot be stated for a few rivals, since they do not allow for many simultaneous connections under any circumstances.

  • Netflix, Hulu, and Other Streaming Services

VPN Unlimited unblocks Netflix and other major streaming services without putting your safety at danger. Yes, the service is fast enough that you won’t have any buffering or loading difficulties when viewing. This is fantastic news for everyone who appreciates a good stream session.

Torrenting is possible with VPN Unlimited, even whether you purchased it using the 7-day free trial or the 30-day subscription. As a result, you won’t have to worry about being tracked down by hackers when downloading.

VPN Unlimited features applications for all of the major platforms. Once you’ve signed up for the provider’s 7-day free trial, you may utilize these applications. You may also use them if you sign up for the 30-day trial. As a result, there will be no excuse for you to not keep all of your devices secure.

Chrome, Firefox, and Opera all have VPN Unlimited browser extensions. After you get the VPN through the 7-day free trial or the 30-day trial, you may use all of them. However, we do not advise you to do so. Because VPN extensions usually lack many of the capabilities found in their app equivalents, they are much less secure to use.

VPN Unlimited offers AES-256 encryption regardless of whether you sign up for a free trial or a 30-day money-back guarantee. This form of encryption is military-grade, for those who are unaware. It’s more than capable of protecting your info from being stolen.

One of the most helpful VPN security features is a kill switch. It protects your IP address and data from being exposed inadvertently. What is the mechanism behind it? By disconnecting your internet connection if the connection to VPN Unlimited’s servers is compromised for any reason.

Every time you use VPN Unlimited, you’ll have access to its kill switch. It doesn’t matter how you obtained it. As a result, even whether you use the 7-day free trial or the 30-day trial, you won’t have to make any security sacrifices.

Everyone has access to VPN Unlimited’s customer service. To contact its chat agents, you will not need to be a paid member. As a consequence, requesting assistance or a refund after employing risk-free techniques to get a VPN service will be simple.

Why Would You Need A VPN Unlimited Free Trial?



Streaming: VPN Unlimited isn’t the greatest option for watching videos online. 

It can only unlock a few Netflix libraries that are blocked. Needless to say, while connected to its servers, you’ll have access to a plethora of fresh episodes and movies to view. This is true regardless of whether you used the 30-day money-back guarantee trial or the 7-day free trial.

Torrenting: You can protect yourself when torrenting by using VPN Unlimited’s free trial. There are a lot of P2P-enabled torrenting-optimized servers on the. These servers are not only leak-proof, but they are also quick. As a result, they’re capable of allowing you to download swiftly.

Privacy & Security: Like all its major competitors, the main goal of VPN Unlimited is to uphold the digital privacy and security of its subscribers. And yes, the provider does a good job at this. It maintains a spotless security record despite being headquartered in the United States, which is a Five Eyes Alliance member state.

VPN Unlimited, as previously stated, employs military-grade encryption. It also supports all of the main protocols. Unfortunately, you can only use WireGuard with the VPN on particular systems.

It’s also worth noting that the developers of VPN Unlimited have included all of the necessary security features. The VPN service also has a specialized virus blocker and split tunneling, in addition to a kill switch. It also allows you to create an own IP address and VPN server.

Travelers will find VPN Unlimited to be a useful tool. 

It successfully circumvents China’s Great Firewall. In addition, the VPN provider circumvents various website, online service, and streaming platform limitations. You’ll be able to surf the web as you typically would at home as a result of this.

Another thing to keep in mind is that VPN Unlimited may assist you in making more cost-effective purchases. It gives you access to the retail sites of other nations, which may have lower costs. As a result, you’ll be able to purchase the things you desire without having to pay higher prices owing to local markups.


Everyone may take advantage of VPN Unlimited’s 7-day free trial. Unlike other free VPN trials, it does not restrict access to any of the features that come with a paying subscription. It also does not need the disclosure of any of your credit information. As a result, even if you have it, you will maintain your anonymity.

VPN Unlimited’s 30-day trial, on the other hand, is not free. However, there are no dangers since you may obtain a complete refund if you request one. That being stated, you will not be forced to make any concessions in terms of features. As a result, it’s an excellent choice for individuals who require longer than seven days to decide if VPN Unlimited is the correct VPN for them.

ProtonVPN is a VPN service that offers a 7-day and 30-day trial. The company also offers a free trial for new users who sign up on their website. Reference: protonvpn unlimited trial.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you get unlimited free trials with VPN?

A: Yes, you can get a free trial with most VPNs.

Which VPN has a 30 day free trial?

A: NordVPN has a 30 day free trial. It is available for users to sign up for and use as soon as they are ready.

Do any VPNs offer a free trial?

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