VyprVPN Review [2022]

VyprVPN is one of the most well-known, and widely used VPN services in the world. It’s been around since 2009 when it was founded by Golden Frog. In recent years Vypr has grown exponentially as a company, with their service expanding across hundreds of devices and countries

VyprVPN is a VPN service that offers great speeds, security and privacy. The VyprVPN Review [2021] is a review of the service from the year 2021.

The VPN business has evolved dramatically in recent years as a result of the advent of new service providers. It’s challenging to keep on track and know what’s ideal for you as a frequent shopper.

VyprVPN is a virtual private network. It is a VPN service provider that has lately become the industry leader. It specializes on offering the finest digital privacy and security money can buy, as you would imagine. Furthermore, it aims to improve the internet by circumventing geoblocks and internet filtering mechanisms.

Unlimited Bandwidth

750+ Servers

Allow P2P

Kill Switch

VyprVPN Plans

1 Month Plan $15.00/month

12 Month Plan $8.33/month

 30-day money-back guarantee

Get 44% OFF!

Here are our thoughts on VyprVPN’s primary benefits and drawbacks:

Applications that are simple to useWhen torrenting, there are leaks.
Employed in Chinaa network of small servers
Most streaming services are unblocked.Only a few gadgets are compatible with it.
Excellent data transfer ratesAllows for a limited number of Simultaneous Connections are when two or more things happen at the same time. are when two or more things happen at the same time..
Reasonably priced


To begin, here’s a rundown of all of VyprVPN’s peculiarities and features:

 logo vyprvpn
Policy on Logging Logging is not permitted.
Jurisdiction Switzerland 
EncryptionAuthentication using AES-256 and SHA-256 hashes
Protocols UDP OpenVPN TCP IPSec/IKEv2 IPSec/L2TP PPTP WireGuard Chameleon OpenVPN TCP IPSec/IKEv2 IPSec/L2TP PPTP WireGuard Chameleon
Anti-Adware and Anti-Malware SoftwareYes
Turn Off the LightsYes (Windows & macOS)
Tests for LeaksThere were no leaks discovered.
Tests of SpeedFast
Torrenting & P2PYes, indeed (Optimized P2P Servers)
StreamingNetflix Amazon Prime is a subscription service that allows you to iPlayer (BBC) Firestick Roku is a streaming media player (Via Router) Kodi Apple TV is a device that allows you to watch (Via Router) Android Television (Android TV)
GamingiOS and Android on Windows Xbox One is a video game console that was released (Via Router) PS4 is a game console that was released in (Via Router) Nintendo Switch is a game console that was released in (Via Router)
CompatibilitySelected Routers for Windows, macOS, Android, and iOS
Simultaneous Connections are when two or more things happen at the same time. are when two or more things happen at the same time.5
Tunneling in Two PartsYes
Features Not IncludedDNS for VyprVPN Cloud VyprVPN
Prices$12.95/Month $3.75 per month (1-Year) $2.50 per month (2-Years)


Special Promotion: Save 80% on a 2-year membership and 71% on a 1-year subscription with this special deal.

Our Opinion4.3

Privacy & Security

I’ll start with a discussion of VyprVPN’s privacy and security features. Why? Any service must deliver both of these features. A VPN that can’t safeguard and preserve the privacy of its users isn’t worth having.

Where is VyprVPN Based & Who Owns It?

Golden Frog owns VyprVPN, which is situated in Switzerland. It is safe to use in the alpine nation, where privacy regulations are favorable to VPNs. The Five, Nine, and Fourteen Eyes Alliances do not have authority there, contrary to common assumption. As a result, there is presently no impediment to the service’s functioning.

VyprVPN hasn’t been involved in any recent controversies. The service, on the other hand, has attracted the attention of Russian authorities, who have forced it to adhere to new regulations restricting internet freedom. Fortunately, it has said, like numerous other VPNs, that it would not cooperate with any requests made since it is not legally compelled to.

Encryption & Protocols Used

VyprVPN, like the majority of its rivals, employs military-grade AES 256-bit encryption. SHA-256 hash authentication is used in conjunction with a hidden handshake.

The developers of VyprVPN made sure it supports every leading protocol. When using the VPN, you can toggle OpenVPN (UDP & TCP), IPSec (LT2P & IKEv2), and PPTP. In addition, there’s also an option to utilize WireGuard on all platforms.

Finally, VyprVPN features its own unique protocol called Chameleon, which is based on OpenVPN. The general view thus far is that it is very secure and safe to use.

Leak Test with VyprVPN

VyprVPN boasts that it is leak-proof to the nth degree. Naturally, I wanted to see whether this was true, so I used IPLeak.net to do a series of tests. The following is a snapshot of how things proceeded without using a VPN:

No VPN IP Leak Test

No VPN IP Leak Test

This is the outcome of pairing with VyprVPN’s Singapore server:

Singapore IP Leak Test

Singapore IP Leak Test

And here’s what occurred when I switched to the New York server of the service:

US IP Leak Test

US IP Leak Test

My expectations were exceeded by the service. It sailed through both of my exams with no effort. As a result, I know I can trust it to keep my identity secret anytime I go online. Strangers will not be able to track out my location and hurt me.

Is VyprVPN Logging Enabled?

VyprVPN was panned by the community when it originally released for questionable logging techniques. To give consumers with a better experience, the business promised to monitor, collect, keep, and use a limited amount of personal data.

Thankfully, things have now changed for the better. VyprVPN presently maintains a strict zero-Policy on Logging and no longer keeps logs. It also has itself independently audited by Leviathan Security, which is a trusted security firm.

Unfortunately, VyprVPN has yet to change its network to a RAM-based network. As a result, it may still save your information. Fortunately, there are no records of the service breaking its no-logs policy. As a result, it can be completely trusted with your data.

Does VyprVPN Have A Turn Off the Lights?

Yes. VyprVPN does have a Turn Off the Lights. Nevertheless, it only has the feature on Windows and macOS. To enable it, simply head over to the settings portion of the service’s application for both Various Operating Systems. You’ll then find the option to activate the feature and configure it to meet your exact needs.

vyprvpn Turn Off the Lights


For those wondering, a Turn Off the Lights is a feature that automatically disconnects your device from the internet when the VPN used gets compromised. 

It is useful for persons who are attempting to avoid the authorities. It’s especially useful if you have an inconsistent Internet service provider or constantly encounter power interruptions.

Is VyprVPN equipped with a malware and ad blocker?

Block Malicious Sites, a feature of VyprVPN, is an ad and malware blocker. It stops you from visiting websites that are known to be dangerous. If you like visiting random websites for entertainment, this tool is a must-have.

vyprvpn ad malware blocker


VyprVPN’s blocker may seem invasive to certain users. Despite this, the service maintains a comprehensive list of websites to which it blocks access. Furthermore, if you no longer need the blocker, you can always turn it off. Needless to say, we do not advise you to do so.

Is VyprVPN a secure VPN?

VyprVPN is a very secure VPN service. When you use it, you can be certain that your digital security will never be jeopardized.

Because it’s based in Switzerland, the service isn’t handicapped by any laws that prevent it from operating freely. Also, it doesn’t leak and has support for each widely-utilized protocol. On top of that, it has an independently audited no-logs policy. Finally, it’s got a Turn Off the Lights along as well as a wonderful ad and malware blocker.

Test your speed

VyprVPN is well-known for its fast speeds. According to experts, it is one of the fastest VPNs available. Of course, given the service’s limitless bandwidth, this shouldn’t come as a surprise. That is, it does not impose a limit on the amount of data that may be sent over its servers.

To find out how fast VyprVPN really is, I conducted several Tests of Speed. Before analyzing the results, check out my base connection:

Test your speed – No VPN

Test your speed – No VPN

Now consider how the service’s Singapore server influenced it:

Test your speed – Singapore

Test your speed – Singapore

And here’s what occurred once I was transferred to their New York server:

Test your speed – New York

Test your speed – New York

My experiments revealed some interesting outcomes. Having said that, I’m delighted with how the service performed.

The SG server of VyprVPN had a negligible influence on my internet connection. It even improved ping, which was a pleasant surprise. Meanwhile, the service’s New York server operated well. Despite this, the distance between it and my present location caused uploading and ping times to decline.

What is the speed of VyprVPN?

All of the rumors seem to be genuine. VyprVPN offers excellent speed capabilities, matching those of competitors like NordVPN, Surfshark, and ExpressVPN. It’s quick enough to fulfill the demands of regular users. You won’t have any problems connecting as long as you’re linked to a nearby server.

VyprVPN is a must-have for everyone who requires the quickest internet. You will not be disappointed at all if you use it.

Torrenting & P2P

This VPN service does not have a fully functional peer-to-peer (P2P) network. As a result, not all of VyprVPN’s servers are torrent-friendly. However, the VPN has applied a workaround to this flaw. It identifies downloading activities and links you to the most appropriate place for the work.

VyprVPN is compatible with all common torrent clients, so it doesn’t matter which one you use. It may be used in conjunction with Vuze, BitTorrent, and uTorrent. 

I tried VyprVPN again using IPLeak.net to see whether it could protect me while torrenting. The following is a snapshot of my test without the service turned on:

No VPN Torrenting Leak Test

No VPN Torrenting Leak Test

This is the result of connecting to VyprVPN’s Singapore server:

Singapore Torrenting Leak Test

Singapore Torrenting Leak Test

Last but not least, here are the results after switching to the VPN’s New York server:

New York Torrenting Leak Test

New York Torrenting Leak Test

During both testing, VyprVPN let me down. The service was unable to conceal my IP address despite being connected to two distinct servers. In fact, the testing program was able to identify it very instantly. As a result, the VPN isn’t perfect for users who want to stay anonymous while downloading torrents.

Is VyprVPN a Good Torrenting VPN?

No. Torrenting is not possible with VyprVPN. Regardless of where I was connected, it couldn’t keep my IP address hidden. As a result, I can’t suggest it to anybody who torrents regularly since it will only put the user in danger.


Many users just use VPNs to access foreign streaming libraries. As a result, it’s fair to assume that this section of our VyprVPN review is crucial.

VyprVPN is often regarded as an outstanding alternative for streaming. It removes geoblocks from major services like Netflix, Hulu, and BBC iPlayer with ease. In fact, considering how few rivals can do this, this is rather remarkable.

Is VyprVPN compatible with Netflix?

I needed to test whether VyprVPN was compatible with Netflix. To do so, I connected to many servers and attempted to stream material from each of them. The following is the outcome of my effort to view Spotlight while utilizing the VPN’s Los Angeles server:

Netflix US

VyprVPN is available on Netflix in the United States.

The following is the result of my attempt to watch Deadpool using VyprVPN’s UK server:

Netflix UK

VyprVPN is available on Netflix in the United Kingdom.

During both of my Netflix tests, VyprVPN performed well. It enabled me to easily access the service’s libraries in the United States and the United Kingdom. 

Furthermore, the VPN did not cause any problems with buffering or quality. I had a fantastic watching experience that rivaled any other.

Is it possible to use VyprVPN with Amazon Prime?

As a backup to Netflix, I use Amazon Prime. As a result, it was my go-to service to determine whether VyprVPN was excellent for anything other than Netflix. Here’s a snapshot of the VPN’s performance when I used its New York server to view The Avengers.

Amazon Prime

VyprVPN is now available on Amazon Prime.

VyprVPN was able to stream the title in 4k quality, despite its appearance. It completed the task smoothly, with no quality dropouts or buffering. To be honest, the VPN much exceeded my expectations.

Is VyprVPN compatible with Firestick?

The Amazon Fire TV Stick is a highly rated and widely used streaming gadget. As a result, I was intrigued to see whether VyprVPN could be used with the Firestick. To do so, I connected to the service’s New York server and then viewed a YouTube video that was unavailable in my country.

On the Firestick, VyprVPN

On the Firestick, VyprVPN

VyprVPN effortlessly overcame YouTube’s geoblocks and provided me access to the video I wanted to view, just as I had hoped. Regardless, the VPN had issues streaming in HD and loading the content rapidly. Nonetheless, everything went well enough that I have no complaints.

Is VyprVPN a Good Streaming VPN?

Yes. Streaming is something that all VyprVPN customers are able to do with ease. No geoblock will be left unblocked with the service. Regardless of the service you choose, you’ll have full access to a large range of international libraries.


VyprVPN is compatible with both PCs and laptops. Furthermore, it is compatible with a variety of consoles. Simply connect your PS4, Xbox One, or Nintendo Switch to a network that has been setup. There’s no need for you to go through a lengthy setup procedure.

While gaming, use VyprVPN.

While gaming, use VyprVPN.

When it comes to gaming, I have nothing but praise for VyprVPN. Every game I played on Call of Duty Mobile throughout my time with the service was a success. It offered me a competitive edge rather than taking away one. As a result, I wholeheartedly suggest it to gamers in need of a VPN option.




All of your gadgets must be compatible with your VPN. Otherwise, troublemakers will still be able to compromise you via loopholes.

Unfortunately, VyprVPN programs for all major OS systems have not been produced by Golden Frog. Apart from that, there are no browser extensions available. On the plus side, the service can still be setup manually on a router to function with practically any internet-connected device.

Various Operating Systems

Apps for macOS, Linux, Windows 10, Android, and iOS are available from VyprVPN. It’s also possible to make it work with Linux. The service, however, does not have a native application for the operating system.


VyprVPN does not have any browser extensions, as previously stated. As a result, in order to benefit from its features on your browser, you must have the primary OS app for your device switched on. You may alternatively connect your device to a router that already has the service installed.


VyprVPN has a router-specific app. It’s designed to function with the majority of what’s currently available on the market. It’s really simple to download, install, and customize it to match your exact requirements. Even individuals who aren’t very tech-savvy will have no issue with it.

Simultaneous Connections are when two or more things happen at the same time. are when two or more things happen at the same time.

VyprVPN used to only allow for 3 Simultaneous Connections are when two or more things happen at the same time. are when two or more things happen at the same time. with one account. Thankfully, things have changed for the better. Nowadays, you can pair a maximum of 5 devices at the same time with one subscription. While this number isn’t impressive, it’s standard in the industry.




In compared to its rivals, VyprVPN does not have a huge network. Except for Antarctica, the service has a little over 700 servers spread around the globe. As a result, it will still supply you with sufficient connection alternatives.


Is VyprVPN available in China?

Yes. Golden Frog went to great lengths to ensure that its VPN worked in China. VyprVPN is more than capable of navigating the country’s harsh internet restriction procedures. 

The reports are unanimous in their assessment that it performs well. As a result, you might argue it’s an essential tool for anybody who need complete online independence.

Interface & Usability

It’s frequently easier said than done to use a VPN. Why? Only a few providers offer applications that are suitable for all users. Fortunately, VyprVPN’s native apps are very user-friendly. Each one is specifically designed to deliver an exceptional online experience to every sort of user.

Interface of VyprVPN

Interface of VyprVPN

VyprVPN’s Windows 10 interface, in particular, is a delight to use. When you first open it, you’ll see a home screen with all of the information you need. It will be simple to go to the settings menu, choose a server, and access the rest of the app from there.

Does VyprVPN Have Tunneling in Two Parts?

Yes. VyprVPN has a Tunneling in Two Parts feature that it calls Connection Per App. You can activate it by heading over to the settings portion of the service’s app on your device. By doing so, you’ll add a whole new degree of convenience to your experience with the VPN.

Features Not Included

When you use VyprVPN, you may take use of two unique advantages. 

The first is VyprVPN Cloud, a cloud storage service. It makes it safer than ever to use VirtualBox, Amazon Web Services, and DigitalOcean. The second is VyprVPN DNS, which is essentially a tool that aids in the prevention of DNS leaks.

VyprVPN’s unique features are fantastic, however they’re only helpful to a tiny group of people. You may not find yourself utilizing them on a regular basis.

Customer Service

To survive in the industry, a VPN service must have excellent Customer Service. Fortunately, the developers of VyprVPN understand this. They’ve given their client wonderful chat support that’s knowledgeable, cordial, and quick in delivering responses. I’ve never had problems with them, and it’s guaranteed that you also won’t.

There are a few additional methods to contact VyprVPN other from live chat. Email is the most well-known of them. While you won’t receive a prompt answer, you will get one that is thorough and simple to comprehend.

Please see the table below for a complete list of what VyprVPN has to offer in terms of customer service:

Live ChatYes
Email Customer ServiceYes
Support over the phoneNo
Ticket AssistanceYes
Video Instructions No
Knowledge Base on the InternetYes
Average Time to Respond4 Hours

As seen above, the VPN has a wide Knowledge Base on the Internet but doesn’t have Video Instructions available. Due to that, it’s a bit harder to troubleshoot by yourself. Thankfully, you may easily contact a representative who’ll assist you in 4 hours or less.


Many people have commended VyprVPN for being reasonably priced. While it isn’t the lowest service available, it is affordable to most people. The following table shows how much each of its plans costs:

Lengths of SubscriptionsMonth-to-Month ($12.95/Month)
 1 year at $3.75 per month
 $2.50/month for 2 years
The Most Expensive Month$12.95
Lowest Monthly Rate$2.50
Price for a year45 dollars (18 Months)
Special PromotionFor a two-year membership, you may save 80%. A one-year membership is discounted by 71%.

The 2-year package from VyprVPN is your best bet. Why is that? Because it gives you the greatest bang for your buck. Paying each month isn’t worth it since there are numerous excellent VPNs that for the same $12.95 but provide better service.

Optional Payments

You may buy a VyprVPN membership using any of the following methods:

  1. Using Your Credit Card (Visa, MasterCard, Discover, AMEX)
  2. PayPal
  3. UnionPay
  4. Google Pay is a service that allows you to pay (Android Only)
  5. iTunes | Apple App Store (iOS Only)

Unfortunately, there is currently no way to pay anonymously. Golden Frog does not allow customers to pay for their service using Bitcoin or cash. As a result, people hoping to stay entirely undetected are out of luck.

Refund Policy & Money-Back Guarantee

The return policy of VyprVPN is rather basic.

After buying a membership, you have 30 days to request a refund. This guarantee applies to all plans offered by the provider. It makes no difference whether you have it for a month or a year.

There is no option to get a refund once the original 30-day timeframe has passed. As a result, customers who acquire long-term policies must carefully consider if they want their money returned.

Deals, Coupon Code & Free Trial

Even without a free trial, trying VyprVPN is simple and risk-free. Simply purchase a one-month membership and get a refund within 30 days if you are unhappy.

Our crew knows how difficult it is to get a good deal these days. 

We were unable to locate any VyprVPN discounts that will reduce the price. However, you should be aware that the service currently provides a fantastic price, with an 80% discount for a 2-year membership and a 71% discount for a 1-year subscription.


Is VyprVPN a good investment? 

Yes. If you have the funds, VyprVPN is a good choice. It’s one of the few VPNs that can unblock virtually all streaming platforms, works in China, and supports WireGuard. It also offers good applications and outstanding customer service. 

Furthermore, the client is exceptionally quick and capable of providing an excellent gaming, downloading, or surfing experience.

We also put it up against some of the most popular VPNs. Please see the table below to see how we compared VyprVPN to the following VPNs: Surfshark, ExpressVPN, NordVPN, PureVPN, VPN Unlimited, PIA (Private Internet Access), CyberGhost, TunnelBear, IPVanish, and Avast VPN.

An unfortunate thing about VyprVPN is that it has a a network of small servers. Besides that, the service isn’t capable of protecting you from leaks during torrenting sessions. Hence, you should go with another VPN if you’re looking for lots of connectivity options and torrent regularly.

VyprVPN is a VPN service that offers high speed, security and privacy. It has a free plan with limited features, but if you want to use the service on multiple devices at once, you will need to pay for their premium plan. Reference: vyprvpn simultaneous connections.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is VyprVPN a good VPN?

A: VyprVPN is a good VPN.

Which is better NordVPN or VyprVPN?

A: NordVPN is better than VyprVPN because it has faster speeds and more servers.

Is VyprVPN good for Torrenting?

A: VyprVPN can be used for torrenting but is not designed specifically for that use. It offers military grade protection from data leaks and DNS blocking, which makes it an excellent choice to use as a VPN service on most platforms without sacrificing speed or performance.

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